Assembling the Aegis (Sanguinary Aegis)

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Assembling the Aegis (Sanguinary Aegis)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:18 pm

Req: None
Timer: 27 Days
Weapons: Fire, Slash, Lightning, Undead Slayer
Rewards: Sanguinary Aegis, lore
Type: Puzzle

This quest allows you to get a shield thatís reminiscent of the old Sentinel and Advocate Shields. It has 0 al and cannot be baned, but it does have a 25% Magic Absorbing property which, depending on your Magic Defense, can absorb up to 25% of the damage from War spells, Harms, and Lifebolts/Ravenís Fury.

Leandra resides in Martineís Retreat (10.6n 58.3e in Rithwic) and is fond by going straight after the drop until you reach an up-ramp: take the down-ramp right of it and stick left to Leandraís study. She will tell you of her new studies involving Chorizite and its uses.

Note: The above step is optional.

The next two parts can be done in either order.

Part 1: Obtaining the Chorizite Oil

Head to the Lugian Meadows Settlement portal outside Mayoi at 60.8s 80.3e then head to the Lugian Excavations at 77.0s 64.3e. Once inside, you will need to stick left throughout the entire citadel to avoid dispel traps (one in the hallway right after the first large, open room and another after the third room at the end of a ramp). You should kill the Lugians as you go and loot a Lugian Pick Axe that will be used later.

When the citadel becomes an open cavern you will need to stick left past a third dispel trap (after the second ramp past the third open room). After the trap, continue on and ignore the first left but, when you get to the T, take a left and at the end of the passage is a Deposit of High-Grade Chorizite Ore. Use your axe on the deposit to get a Chunk of High-Grade Chorizite. If the deposit disappears (can sometimes happen in a group) you can turn around and stick left to another deposit and can keep sticking left after that to find an exit portal then two more deposits.

With your chunk of ore, head to the Lady Maila Estates settlement portal outside Mayoi at 60.9s 80.3e and head to the Beach Fort at 76.0n 49.1w. Give your chunk to Feruza ibn Salaq and he will return to you some Refined High-Grade Chorizite. Take this to Leandra and she will give you some Chorizite Formula and notes on how to use it.

Part 2: Obtaining the Deteriorated Aegis

Take the Landbridge Villas settlement portal outside of Qalabaír at 74.8s 17.8e. You will now run to the Abandoned Armory at 83.6s 14.7w. From the drop, head North and follow the hallway to a large, open room: take the West exit and stick right to a large room with an inner chamber. Inside this chamber is a pressure plate that lies in the Northeast corner that opens a door on the South wall. From here, stick left to another room with another inner-chamber. This time, the pressure plate is found just off the Southern wall along the middle of the room and opens the door on the Eastern wall. Again, stick left into another room with another inner chamber with another pressure plate (on the center of the Western wall) to open a door on the North wall. Stick left from the door to a room with Deteriorated Aegis shields on pedestals in the following colours that you can pick up:


Part 3: Assembling the Aegis

Use the formula on the aegis to create the Sanguinary Aegis. It can only be wielded by its creator and is bonded but can be muled or placed in a chest.

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