Xi Ru’s Chapel (Burun Slayer)

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Xi Ru’s Chapel (Burun Slayer)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:17 pm

Xi Ru’s Chapel

Timer: 1 Month
Rewards: Burun Slaying weapons, full set of Salvaging Buff spells (I - VII, Self/Other), and Gem of Ardent Loyalty or Gem of Arcane Corruption (For use in Noble Armour)
Weapons: Slash or Cold weapons
Difficulty: Medium
Quest Type: Task
Restrictions: 60+, a Noble Weapon, and a Bloodied Burun Hide

In order to better combat the Burun we must consult with a student under Nuhmudira who has taken up her research in the catacombs of an old Falatacot Priestess named Xi Ru. We must reach this student and gain his, and hid lady’s, favour in order to receive a Soul Stone that can be used to enhance the Noble Weapons to bit deeper into the Burun. This quest is fairly unique in that there are a number of rewards depending on your status of support for Nuhmudira. You can pick to side with or against her in the quest that takes place within the Gelidite Library or choose to be neutral altogether. Below are the rewards dependant on your status.

Pro (Camryn, Nuhmudira's Student in the dungeon gives rewards):
Gem of Arcane Corruption (+15 Focus cantrip -10 Health )
Salvaging buff spells named “Nuhmudira's Wisdom/Enlightenment”

Neutral (Camryn, Nuhmudira's Student in the dungeon gives rewards):
Gem of Arcane Corruption (+15 Focus cantrip -10 Health )
Salvaging buff spells named “Nuhmudira's Wisdom/Enlightenment”

Against (The Royal Guards in Yanshi, Rithwic, or Lytelthorpe give rewards):
Gem of Ardent Loyalty (+12 Loyalty and +12 Melee Defense cantrips)
Salvaging buff spells names “Arcanum Salvaging/Enlightenment”

In addition to the rewards your status will also dictate how long the quest will be for you. There are a total of three trials and if you’ve supported Nuhmudira then you need only to do the first one, if you’ve yet to decide then you will need to do the first two, and if you’ve opposed her then you must do all three.

First, you’ll have to gain access to the island that Xi Ru’s Chapel is located. To do that you must first head to Uziz and run to Nuhmurdira's cottage at 20.8s 22.6e where you will find Nuhmudira’s Journal laying open on a table; use it to be flagged to use the Portal Device near Ithaenc Cathedral at 83.4s 89.8e. Alternatively, if you can not get to Ithaenc Cathedral in any easy manner than you speak to the Watcher of the Dead near the blacksmith in Ayan Baqur to access the island. Once on the island head to Xi Ru’s Chapel, a near-perfectly preserved piece of architecture, at 83.4s 89.8e. At the top will be the portal you will need to take to go under the chapel and you‘ll find it is guarded by Nuhmudira‘s Sclavi who have dispatched the Moarsmen who previously guarded this complex.

Once inside you will need to speak with Camryn, Nuhmudira's Student to learn how many trials you must perform to earn the Soul Stone, after you must pass three riddles to gain access into the various sections of these catacombs. These riddles involve speaking with an Empyrean Spirit who will ask you a question of Auberean’s history, then you will use one of three items and come back to see if your choice was correct. Below are the answers:

Jif Loz (For Trial 1): Bust of Nali Valind
Kir Loz (For Trial 2): Statue of Aurlanna
Hevk Loz (For Trial 3): Portrait of Geraine IV

Note: You only need to answer as many riddles as needed for the amount of trials you must complete, if you get one wrong you must wait one month before you can try again.

With that out of the way you must now beat the trials set ahead of you, below I will outline the trials you will need to complete. Be aware of the numerous Moarsmen still defending these sections.

Trial 1 - Xi Ru’s Library
Head straight until you reach a large open room then pull the lever on the West side of the room to open the statue-door to the North. Head straight up the ramp to a T intersection; head Right and stick to the Left to reach another large open room where you will need to pull the center lever to open up the passage to the South. Now you will head up the ramp, take a Right followed by a Left then stick to the Right to get to the Indecipherable Book that lies on a pedestal for you to pick up. Bring it to Camryn to finish this trial.

Trial 2 - Xi Ru’s Crypt
From the drop stick to the Right until you reach a large open room; after that stick to the Left to reach the lever puzzle room. Here it is advisable to have two people: one to push the pressure plates in the end of each small hallway and another to hold the next door in order to advance. Each door houses a small hallway and a pressure plate you must activate to open the next door your partner will hold for you. Here is the list with the order of the doors you must open:

Button on the North wall opens the Left door on the North wall (Start).
Left door on the East wall
Left door on the West wall
Right door on the North wall
Right door on the South wall
Right door on the West wall
Right door on the East wall
Left door on the South wall
Center door on the South wall (Finish)

Note: each door as a button for the lever puller to hit in case the opening closes on his way to the next lever location, also you may elect to use the PKL trick on the second to last door to hit the final lever to open the final door faster Finally, if you have a high enough jump skill you can ignore the puzzle room altogether by jumping onto the catwalk above leading to this trial’s end item.

Now you will head into a room with three fading platforms that you can scale with shift tap jumps to reach a level with a catwalk that overlooks the puzzle room, to the North lies the Urn that you must bring back to Camryn.

Trial 3 - Xi Ru’s Remembrance
This section requires another team of two to complete, from the drop stick to the Right until you reach a Lever right after an upramp; have one person wait here and the rest continue on to a catwalk overlooking the room you were previously in. Head to the middle of the South wall (On the catwalk) to find a door that you must tap jump to; have your lever puller pull the lever to that door and then do a tap jump across to it then hold the door so the puller can make it to you. With everyone together, head forward to the T intersection; take a Left then stick to the Right wall to reach a room with a small inner antechamber containing the Remains of Xi Ru that Camryn requested.

With your trial(s) completed Camryun will give you the Soul Stone and, if you supported or are neutral of Nuhmudira, the gem and spell rewards. If you were opposed to Nuhmudira then the Royal Guards in Yanshi, Rithwic, or Lytelthrope will provide you an alternate gem and spells of a different name (but same type). In order to make the Soul Stone useful you must use it with a Bloodied Burun Hide and then add the resultant Burun Soaked Soul Stone to a Noble Weapon to receive a Burun Slaying weapon.

A final upgrade lies in beating the Burun Kukuur Browerk. You may, as a reward, receive a Gem of Damage Addition, a Gem of Damage Modification, or a Gem of Mana Management that can be added to a Burun Slaying Melee, Missile, or Sceptre (Respectively) to create a Regal Weapon with enhanced stats.

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