Make Safe Dryreach! (Tumerok Slayer Weapons)

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Make Safe Dryreach! (Tumerok Slayer Weapons)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:11 pm

Make Safe Dryreach!

Timer: None
Rewards: Tumerok Slayer weapons, XP,
Weapons: Slash, Fire or Tumerok SLayer
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Task
Restrictions: 30+

There are numerous Tumerok Clans besieging Dryreach and each of them have a base of operations throughout the outlying areas of Dryreach. Raiding these facilities can earn you various rewards including XP, casino tokens and recall gems, and Assault Weapons with Tumerok Slayer. The three Quartermasters coordinating the attacks are listed below:

Lieutenant Kenneth: Cragstone: 25.8n 49.1e
Ufet, Prophet of Blades: Zaikhal:13.9n 0.7e
Shosa Kiroji Matanui: Hebian-To: 39.0s 83.2e

Below are the coordinates of each clan’s training camp:

Serpent: 1.0s 70.0e
Falcon: 2.0n 75.0e
Shreth: 5.0s 68.0e
Reedshark: 13.0s 68.0e
Gromnie: 16.0s 70.0e
Mask: 16.0s 75.0e

Inside each training camp are numerous Tumerok and each variety drops one of six items which, in certain combinations, are redeemable for various rewards. The items dropped by their respective ranks are as follows:

Standard Bearer: “Clan” Banner (Dependant on the Training Camp)
Lieutenant: Haft (Lower variety)
Major: Plated or Reinforced Banner Haft (Higher variety)
Commander: Spear-head or Symbol
Controller: Crest

Below are the combinations needed for each reward, each completed item can be used as a casting device or a weapon of their own:

~ Using the Haft Variety ~

“Clan” Banner + Haft = Hafted “Clan” Banner
Hafted “Clan” Banner + Spear-head = Hafted “Clan” Spear
Hafted “Clan” Banner + Symbol = Hafted “Clan” Banner with Symbol
Hafted “Clan” Banner + Crest = Hafted “Clan” Banner with Crest (Used for the Assault Weapons)

~ Using the Plated or Reinforced Haft Variety ~

“Clan” Banner + Plated or Reinforced Haft = Reinforced “Clan” Banner
Reinforced “Clan” Banner + Spear-head = Reinforced “Clan” Spear
Reinforced “Clan” Banner + Symbol = Reinforced “Clan” Banner with Symbol
Reinforced “Clan” Banner + Crest = Reinforced “Clan” Banner with Crest (Used for the Assault Weapons)

Now for which items give which rewards:

~ Hafted “Clan” Banner with Crest (Assault Weapons) ~
Serpent: UA
Falcon: 10 High Stakes Gambling Tokens (Type depending on the race of the NPC)
Shreth: Dagger
Reedshark: Crossbow
Gromnie: Bow
Mask: Atlatl

~ Reinforced “Clan” Banner with Crest (Assault Weapons) ~
Serpent: Sword
Falcon: Orb
Shreth: Mace
Reedshark: Axe
Gromnie: Spear
Mask: Staff

Banners, Hafted Banners, and Reinforced Banners of any type can turned in for xp. Hafted Spears and Banners with Symbols can be turned in for one recall gem to a casino and their Reinforced versions can be turned in for two casino recall gems (Racial Type depending on the NPC‘s race). Finally, the Banners can also be turned in to Jordan ibn'Ikia who resides in Zaikhal at 13.2n 0.3e for a Framed Banner you can hook on a wall.

You can further upgrade this weapon one more time by using a Weapon Upgrade Kit on your weapon. Purchase a Weapon Upgrade Kit Gem at the vendors at Graveyard, Colosseum, Paradox Valley, or the Gear Knight Invasion Area then use the gem to make the kit and, finally, use the kit on the weapon.

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