Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion (Sarcophagus Slayer: Staff ONLY) (Joke Quest)

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Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion (Sarcophagus Slayer: Staff ONLY) (Joke Quest)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:13 pm

Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion

Timer: None
Rewards: XP, Lore, Evil Couch, Staff of Nullification (Sarcophagus Slayer)
Weapons: Fire, Undead Slayer, and Sarcophagus Slayer
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Joke
Restrictions: None (Rec. 20+)

Frest finds his house was built over an ancient burial ground where the dead are not resting in peace. To save him from his plight head to his mansion at 6.4n 43.9e which is near the Osric Cottages settlement portal (2.2n 50.4e) out of Lytelthorpe. Frest himself is located at 6.0n 43.7e at a conveniently safe distance away. He will give you his journal detailing the three items he wants as well as a mission to find any possible cause for these occurrences. The items are inside chests within three rooms:

~ Puffy Shirt ~
This chest is found in the top left tower of the mansion, two floors above the room with “Hanging Apparitions” and appears to be a bedroom.

~ Emerald ~
This chest is found on the ground floor toward the South, looks to be a study with a desk and a chair in front of the chest.

~ Antique Platter and An Old Chronicle ~
This chest is found on the top level of the right tower in the mansion and is guarded by a Zombie that drops An Old Chronicle.

Take these items back to Frest to receive some XP and a request to have the lore translated by Bretself of Cragstone (26.0n 47.0e) to receive the translation that you must bring back to Frest. Frest will send you on a mission to quell the evil and gives you the lore back along with a Portal Chamber Key. Head back to the mansion and go down to the basement using the key. Head into the portal to begin the next leg of the journey.

The mansion basement looks to be of the same layout as any other mansion; start out into the main open area of the basement and go into the alcove in the Northwest corner; there you will a path leading North. Continue down the passage and at the first two intersections go North and continue North until you hit a wall; from there head East and follow along sticking to the Left wall quite a ways until you reach a large open chamber with a Zombie under a bright colored vortex; kill it to retrieve the Staff of Nullification.

Note: On the run when you hit a long curving ramp leading to a dead end, turn around and keep following left because you’re almost there.

With the Staff of Nullification in tow, head West and stick to the Left to reach the Dark Sarcophagus which can only be damaged with your Sarcophagus-slaying staff. Beat it until you get this message:

You feel something without voice scream in your mind in utter rage. It chills you to the bone as it fades away

Now head back to Frest for your Evil Couch and you can keep your staff as another Joke slaying item!

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