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Artisan Golems

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Artisan Golems

Level requirements: 100+ for all four parts (15+ just for the pet)
Weapons: Fire/Bludge/Ice/Acid
Timer: 6 days
Difficulty: Various but easy until you go for the final two motes at which point it becomes hard for those that just make the level requirements

If you are level 15 or greater and wish to have a golem of your own then make your way over to the Halls of Metos nearby Tufa at 4.4S, 0.6W. A faster route would be to go to Al-Jalima then take Midsong Cottage portal at :5.7N, 4.3E then run to Hall Of Metos at: 4.4S, 0.6W. Once inside, stick to the right wall until you reach a T outside of the initial cluster of small rooms; take a right followed by an immediate left. You will now be at an acid pit: jump over it then continue down until you reach a room with six obsidian golems and a new twist; two new NPC golems on either side of the golem used for the lowbie version of flagging to Bur. This place seems to be an origin for golem manufacturing and by the designs of these golems they were early in origin as all the later golems were made out of material found in the area. The golem on the left is the Golem Constructor. Talk with it to learn how to acquire your own golem:

Golem Constructor says, "I require materials to construct more golems."
Golem Constructor tells you, "Hello friend. I am a third generation Golem Constructor. My sole purpose is to create useful golems for those who require them. Bring me the three Empyrean Stones combined as one and I will build you a Blank Golem. See the Sigil Keeper for a list of locations where the Empyrean used to mine and imbue these stones."

The golem on the right is the Sigil Keeper who sells sigils and lists of locations. You can ignore every other item he has and buy the Golem Construction Materials List:

~Golem Construction Materials list~

Mines of Despair: Empyrean Sun Stone
Colier Mines: Stone of Rez'arel
Arwic Mines: Stone of Alb'arel

Sigil Keeper tells you, "Greetings, I sell Sigils used to imprint motes that can be given to the Golem Constructor to instill your Golem with knowledge."
Sigil Keeper tells you, "Here you are."

Now with your list you will need to have the following items in order to get through the next dungeons:

Golden Key (From Le-Ai Rei used to enter the Mines of Despair (Focusing Stone)
Small Rusted Key found off a Banderling Raider at Colier
Cell Key found off a Drudge Prowler at Colier
The Baronís Key found off an Undead Miner in the Colier Mines
Someone with lockpick (preferably the leader)

With the Golden Key in tow head over to the Mines of Despair. An easy way to get there would be to head to Mayoi and take the Xinh settlement portal at 60.8S, 80.3E. Then run to the Mines of Despair at 75.4S, 57.3E. Ideally, youíll be in a group of 4 so everyone can hold a door, if youíre fast enough then you can solo this dungeon. You may also choose to do the Focusing Stone quest while youíre here.

Door one is straight ahead form the drop and requires the Golden Key. Unlock it and have someone stand in the door way to ďholdĒ it open for you. Take a right at the T and jump into the pit. Take the ramp down on the north wall then take a right at the split. Door number two resides here. Leave the people that followed you here and recall out to pull the levers. Go through the door that is being held and take a left at the T in lieu of the previous right. At the next intersection you will take yet another left. Stick to the left until you reach a door you need to pick (resistance 124). Go through and youíll find another door to go through. You will need to take left passage before a ramp down and then take an immediate right. Take the next left and follow the passage to the button that will open the second door. Press it and have someone hold the door. Have the people that arenít holding doors continue down the right passage then stick left and sit tight at the third door which is on the east wall. You will now head back into the hallway and jump down the circular pit on the right. Stick to the left until you reach the second button that will open the third door. Press it and have the remaining people hold it for you. Portal recall and follow down to the group grabbing every person thatís holding a door as you go.

Now that everyone is together, follow along the left wall down the ramps until you reach the area with the Lich Overseer. Strewn on the floor are the first of three stone pieces you need. Pick them up and recall out.

Now for the second stone, head to Colier, an abandoned mining settlement now inhabited by drudges and banderlings. From Holtburg run to 40.2N 35.1E and take the New Colier Portal then run to 56.8N, 38.4E. You will need to find two keys before entering the portal into the mines. The Small Rusted Key can be found on a Banderling Raider in the building at 56.7N, 38.6E. The Cell Key is found on a Drudge Prowler in the building at 56.5N, 38.0E (It will be level 4 as opposed to normal level 7). With both keys in hand, seek out the Colier Mines portal in the bottom of a building at 56.7N 38.5E.

Use the first key on the metal door ahead of you from the drop and go inside. Take the right at the T then take the next left followed by a right then yet another left leading to a door. Open the door and in the right will be a door you must use the second key on. Take a left at the fork then take the next right. Keep straight and use the second key again on the door. Continue straight until you reach another locked door. To the left you will find an Undead Miner. Kill him and loot The Baronís Key. Head north and keep to the left wall. ID every wooden door you see until you find a locked one. Itíll be a wooden door on a south wall that only The Baronís Key can unlock as it has a 1000 resistance. Use your key and stick to the left until you reach an open room with a ramp leading down in the middle; take it and at the next intersection go right then stick to the right wall until you reach another door that is locked and must be opened by The Baronís Key. Enter and stick right until you reach a large room with the Baron of Colier and an exit portal. Strewn across the ground are many of the second stones you need. Pick one up and recall out.

Your final piece to make your own golem resides in the Arwic Mines located outside the city walls of Arwic. Go through the door and follow the passage leading to a large open room; take passage on the right wall and continue into another large room; take the first passage on the right through a door. Continue through the passage until you enter another large room in which you will take the left passage through a door. Take the next right and at the next intersection go straight. Go left at the next intersection taking the next right which is a small room with a ramp in it. Continue through and stick to the left until the end room where the final stone spawns on the floor.

When the two stones touch a red flame ripples between them as they meld together into a single stone.
When the two stones touch a blue flame ripples between them as they meld together into a single stone.

Head back to the Halls of Metos near Tufa and give your combined stone to the Golem Constructor to receive your new pet golem called a Vacant Golem!

You give Golem Constructor Empyrean Golem Stone.
The Golem Constructor takes the Empyrean Golem Stone and swallows it.
Grinding and clanking noises come from inside him and an engraved stone block appears in his hands. He gives you the block.
Golem Constructor gives you Inactive Blank Golem
Golem Constructor tells you, "You may now imprint your crafting skill on your Blank Golem. To do this you will need an Imprinting Mote and a Craft Sigil. The Sigil Keeper sells Craft Sigils, but finding an Imprinting Mote may be difficult. Here, I made this list of possible locations where you may still be able to find Imprinting Motes left by the Empyreans."
Golem Constructor gives you Finding Imprinting Motes.

The note he gives you may also be bought from the Sigil Keeper and reads as follows:

~Finding Imprinting Motes~

The Empyreans used motes to imprint specific skills and knowledge in golems. There are still places where these motes may be obtained. Search these locations and you may find one of the Imprinting Motes you need.

Imprinting Mote: Golem Sanctum (somewhere in the Floating City)

Quality Imprinting Mote: Crystal Mine Extreme (Assist Anasha in Arwic 33.4N, 56.6E to gain access to the floating platforms where the portal lies.)

Superb Imprinting Mote: Ancient Masonry (88.1N, 47.6E)

Once you have your Imprinting Mote you may buy a Sigil from the Sigil Keeper and attempt to imprint you knowledge onto it. Using successfully Imprinted Motes you can upgrade your Inactive Golems.

You must teach your golem in stages by using the Imprinted Motes in order. First imprint your golem with an Imprinted Mote, then with a Quality Imprinted Mote of the same skill and finally with a Superb Imprinted Mote of the same skill. Each golem may only learn one type of skill.

If you do not value an improved pet you may decide to hand your un-imprinted motes into the Golem Constructor in exchange for some practical knowledge.

A Warning: Lower level crafters may want to stick with lower level Imprinting Motes. Crafting and then attempting to control a golem with a skill greater than yours often proves difficult.

If you do not wish to have your golem assist you in the ways of a craft feel free to stop now and enjoy your very own golem which will be of the same type as the NPC golem that crafted it. If you wish to have it cast craft cantrips on you then buy up to three of the same type from the Sigil Keeper. They all cost 50k and are givable as are the motes youíll collect. Only the golem and its materials are attuned/bonded.

The first mote is found inside the Golem Sanctum which is restricted to levels 25+. Itís a random spawn portal found all over Dereth but more frequently In the Osteth regions. A stable portal can also be found in the Tunnels section of the Floating City which is another random spawning portal. Once inside you will stick to the left the whole way down until you reach the motes found on the floor. Recall out and on to mote number two!

Seek out Anasha in Arwic inside one of the corner posts of the cityís walls. The motes are found in the 80+ section of the quest referred to as the Gift Box quest. Complete the quest and in the final section of the Crystal Mines Extreme dungeon containing the chests is the second mote youíll need on the floor. Pick it up (loot the chest to finish the quest if you so wish) and recall out.

Head to Aerlinthe Island for mote number three! This mote is found inside the Ancient Masonry found at 88.1N, 47.6E and is restricted to those 100+. Inside is a series of four rooms that must be accessed by a series of levers. Itís fairly simple but the creatures hurt. After all four rooms you will be in a small room. The door on the left can be picked and inside are the ruens for prismatic armour. On the right is a passage that you will follow until you reach door with many bad creature inside. Kill through the door and go to the door on the right side. Kill through this door and inside are the motes youíll need.

Now you have all three motes and three sigils. Remember that all three sigils must be the same. The lowest sigil-mote check is 100. The second is 300 with the final check being 604. With a 698 buffed skill I only had 96% chance with the third check.

You press the Sigil into the soft pyreal of the mote and see a white flash behind your eyes. You have successfully imprinted on the mote.
You press the Sigil into the soft pyreal of the mote and see a white flash behind your eyes. You have successfully imprinted on the mote.
You press the Sigil into the soft pyreal of the mote and see a white flash behind your eyes. You have successfully imprinted on the mote.

You give the Imprinted Mote to your golem. It peers at the mote for a moment, then swallows it. It's eyes glow more brightly as though a fire inside it were being stoked.
You give the Imprinted Mote to your golem. It peers at the mote for a moment, then swallows it. It's eyes glow more brightly as though a fire inside it were being stoked.
You give the Imprinted Mote to your golem. It peers at the mote for a moment, then swallows it. It's eyes glow more brightly as though a fire inside it were being stoked.

Each mote will add a +10 cantrip to your skill that is stackable with all spells and majors. Two motes will give you a +20 cantrip and all three will give you a +30 cantrip. The golem turns to a darker hue as it learns more. Enjoy your new golem!!!

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