Soul Hunterís Orders

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Soul Hunterís Orders

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:47 pm

Soul Hunterís Orders

Are you at least level 60 and wish to help out in the search for Asheron? Then travel to Sawato and speak to Hasin Lin at 28.9s 59.4e

Hasin Lin tells you, "I would ask of you a favor, friend. I have received information that the one who protects us all is in some mortal peril himself. I'd rather not say more now. I'd just ask that you head into Blackmire Swamp and see if there is any strange Falatacot-related activity in the vicinity of 28 S, 56 E. Please go there, seek out a being called the Soul Hunter, and bring me back anything you find."

As instructed, head out into the Blackmire Swamp and youíll find the Soul Hunterís Lair at 27.7s 55.8e. Youíll want to buff and prepare for sclavus and an undead whoís the namesake of this dungeon. Cold weapons and a fire weapon are recommended. The surface portal leading out is tieable. Youíll head straight through this easy dungeon until you reach the Altar of Urdhinivix. This altar guards the portal into the Soul Hunterís Chambers and youíll have to make a sacrifice of your own blood to enter! Pick up the knife and goblet off the ground in front of the altar and use the knife on the goblet to fill it

You have cut yourself with the sacrificial knife and filled the goblet with your own blood.
You give Altar of Urdhinivix Filled Sacrificial Goblet.
The altar is pleased with your offering, and you feel an unsettling sense of cold infusing your heart. You sink to your knees, compelled by a force you cannot name.

However, if you are more the type for self-preservation simply take the left exit out of this room and follow along its easy to navigate passages and youíll enter an open room thatís a catwalk. At the end of this bridge-room is a surface portal on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side is a passage leading into the Soul Hunterís Chambers.

Whichever way you choose will lead you into a battle against the Soul Hunter and his sclavus-cohorts. Upon defeating him, loot the book he carries and deliver it to Hasin Lin.

Hasin Lin tells you, "I can't do anything with this. The cuneiform is certainly of the Falatacot script, but I haven't learned to read that yet. Please get it translated for me. I believe Fanzen San, the translator based near Hebian-To, would know what to make of this."

Well, off to Hebian-to and then onwards to Fanzen San the Translator at 39.2s 81.6e.

Fanzen San the Translator tells you, "What's this now? Oh mercy! What terrible things this note portends! Where did you get this? Never mind, it's not my purpose... Here, take this translation, and bring it to the proper authorities!"

Return this translated book to Hasin Lin and he will return to you a copy of the text for your own reading pleasure as well as some xp.

Hasin Lin tells you, "Oh my. Just as we feared. I will have to report back to the Queen with this dreadful news. Thank you for your help."
You give Hasin Lin Soul Hunter's Orders.
You've earned 2,078,355 experience.
Hasin Lin gives you Copy of Soul Hunter's Orders.

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