Breaking the Spear of the Mukkir (Mukkir Slayer 151+)

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Breaking the Spear of the Mukkir (Mukkir Slayer 151+)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu May 29, 2008 4:17 pm

Breaking the Spear of the Mukkir

Timer: 28 days
Rewards: Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone, % XP, random rare, Black Spear house item, and Slayer of the Black Spear title
Weapons: Fire, Pierce, Bludge, Shadow/Mukkir/Undead Slayer
Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Epic
Restrictions: 151+

While the aspects of Grael are bound and separated it remained important to sap the energies of this beast by slaying the aspects as quickly as his thralls try to stoke them.

Meet at the Obsidian Rim by either taking the portal there from the Singularity Caul or by taking the portal at Aerlinthe Island that leads directly to a portal to the Obsidian Rim. From there run to a shadow named Varetha at (44.4S, 62.5W). Speak with her to become flagged for the first dungeon where you will be required to collect a shadow stone from Black Ferahís Vault that will aid in binding the Mukkir-aspect of Grael. You are warned that Graelís followers may have secured the vault so be ready. Head to the dungeon now.

~Black Ferahís Vault~
Coords: 39.1 S, 60.1 W.
Nearest Drop: Obsidian Rim Portal
Level: 151+
Spawns: Barbaric, Coruscating, Fanatical, Vile, and Depraved Mukkir (Mukkir), Ruschk Draktehn and Laktar (Ruschk), Decaying Ruschk Laktar amd Sodden Undead Ruschk (Undead), and Void Knights, Depraved, and Twisted Shadows (Shadow)
Flagging: Must speak with Varetha
Weapons: Fire, Shadow-slayer, Piercing, Mukkir slayer, Bludgeoning, and Undead Slayer

The drop is safe for buffing if need be. From the drop head down the ramp and keep straight, ignoring any side paths and you will eventually reach a pit youíll need to jump down. At the bottom take the south exit where you will take the immediate left and then the immediate right followed by yet another right. You will now go straight ahead, ignoring any side paths, until you hit a T. Take either path and follow along the catwalks that will eventually open up into wider halls. Keep straight, ignoring side paths until you reach another T. Take either path and head down the ramp and you will reach the first boss.

~ Boss ~
Name: Commander Jared Kurth
Weak to: Lightning/Tusker Fists/Viamontian Knight Slayer
Drops: Shadow Vault Key
Cohorts: Twisted Shadows
Uses: Slashing and Piercing damage

Commander Kurthís only strong side is his fast and hard-hitting melee attacks. One strategy for beating him easily is to fight with ranged weapons and fight him from outside the hall leading to his chamber (he canít run into the hall as he is too large). Mages like tusker fists here. After slaying Kurth, make sure you grab the key to open the door he was guarding (disregard the surface portal in the chamber).

Run to the end of the long hallway into a room with an altar in the middle with the Experimental Shadow Stone atop it. You will need to shift jump onto the altar. After everyone has looted it you may run back into the chamber with Kurth in it to exit via the portal or simply recall back to the Obsidian Rim. In either case run back to Varetha and give her the stone to flag you for the second dungeon.

Using the Valley of Death hot-drop portal, head west from the drop and head up the right side of the crater and then jump down into the frozen chasm. Head into the portal.

-Mukkir-Infested Black Spear Temple-
Coords: 37.2 S, 67.0 W
Nearest Drop: Vod Hotdrop
Level: 151+
Spawns: Barbaric, Coruscating, Fanatical, Vile, Umbral, Degenerate, and Depraved Mukkir with Mukkir Kartak, Laktar, and Draktehn (Mukkir), Ruschk Draktehn (Ruschk), Decaying Ruschk Laktar (Undead), and Depraved, Degenerate, and Twisted Shadows (Shadow)
Flagging: Must have given Varetha the Experimental Shadow Stone
Weapons: Fire, Shadow-slayer, Piercing, Mukkir-slayer, Bludgeoning, and Undead-slayer

Feel free to rebuff here if you havenít already as well as make note of the Graelís Chamber portal. This dungeon has a lot of spawn-traps (Mostly at intersection as well as the flat areas of the large open rooms that slope. Be mindful of them and if one is tripped, have everyone move through before killing as to not trigger another wave.

From the drop, head down the ramp and stick right until you reach the rock fall area. This short hallway features rocks that, if they hit you, will do 250 - 450 damage. You can either avoid them or pop a Tuskerís Jewel rare to negate the damage from the Rock Fall. To avoid them, watch the rocks to get your timing and when the rock nearest you on the left side falls, run towards the corner sticking to the left wall. You will repeat this process in order to go from the corner to the end of the Rock Fall area.

From here you will stick left until you reach a large and open, sloping room. Do a shift jump onto the slanted border to your left and stick to the left wall until you reach another tunnel opening. Do a shift-tap jump down and continue sticking left watching out for 2 spawn traps, one shortly after the first ramp and the other one directly before another large sloping room. In this large room you will do the same process as before and do a shift jump up onto the slanted floor to your left and stick to the left wall until you reach another tunnel opening that you will shift-tap jump down into.

From here you will stick left until you reach a down-ramp, then you will immediately stick to the right wall for the rest of this stretch, eventually you'll come to a large pit. Do a full jump across to the ledge on the other side and then turn around and do another full jump to reach the ledge on the other side. From here, simply follow the tunnel to reach Graelís Chamber.

Note: if you miss the jump then take the Southern passage all the way back up to try again.

~Graelís Chamber~
Coords: N/A
Nearest Drop: Mukkir-Infested Black Spear Temple
Level: 151+
Spawns: Graelís Mukkir Aspect
Flagging: None
Weapons: Piercing, Mukkir-slayer (Or Bludgeoning with Tusker Fists)

If you die from here on out simply recall to the VoD hotdrop and run back to the temple. That portal I told you to make a note of at the drop can now be used for 24 hours to return you to this place. Buff up and then head down the short corridor and face the Mukkir Aspect of Grael

~ Boss ~
Name: Graelís Mukkir Aspect
Weak to: Pierce and Mukkir Slayer (Or Tusker Fists)
Drops: Shadow Key and a Shard of the Black Spear
Cohorts: None
Uses: Acid, Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing along with war spells of various sorts with vulns to match with level 8 debuffs.

Take him down and loot a shard and a key. Nearby is a portal to the trophy room. Make sure everyone has both items. If not, wait approximately 5 minutes for the respawn. When everyone is ready go into the portal.

The Mukkir Aspect of Grael is struck down! As he falls, his essence is ripped from his body and collapses in on itself!

~Trophy Room~
Coords: N/A
Nearest Drop: Graelís Chamber
Level: None
Spawns: None
Flagging: None
Weapons: None

In this room are a series of chests with each one containing a rare in addition to normal Black Marrow Reliquary loot. Use your key on the chest. Now return the shard to Varetha for a house item as well as an item to give to Hoshar in Ayan Baqur (59.6S 88.0W) for the title and Greater Mukkir Slayer Stone. Both the spear and the slaying stone can be turned in for more xp.

The Mukkir-slayer stone can NOT be used on any item that has been enhanced in the following ways:

Magic Absorbing (ranged) (Fetish of the Dark Idols)
-20% bonus damage variance boost (melee) (Lucky White Rabbitís Foot)
Undead-slayer (all) (Lunnumís Revival quest)
Shadow-slayer (all) (Live event: Shadow Breach)
Lesser/Normal/Greater Mukkir Slayer Stones (all) (Various Aspects of Grael quests)

Congratulations on keeping this once-fearsome abomination at bay and enjoy the rewards!

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