The Shadow March (Shield of Strathelar Elite, Tethana Manifesto, or Viamontian Pennant of Loyalty)

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The Shadow March (Shield of Strathelar Elite, Tethana Manifesto, or Viamontian Pennant of Loyalty)

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Title: The Shadow March
Level: 126+
Weapons needed: Fire and Slashing (or the Shadowfire and Mukkir-slaying weapons)
Time: 45 minutes
Rewards: XP and Shield of Strathelar Elite or Tethana Manifesto or Viamontian Pennant of Loyalty

Before the full reemergence of Grael, Fort Tethana was in the midst of parlaying with Viamontian officials on matters of allegiance. The troops of New Aluvia marched across the Northern Landbridge unimpeded with the aid of intrepid people disabling the fortifications of Viamont. The scouts of New Aluvia reported the movement of a Renegade Tumerok army as well as reporting that they were being followed by a Viamontian battalion.

Lord Marsan, often made fun of for seemingly deluded dreams of heraldry and grandeur, was the brigadier in charge of this transit to Fort Tethana and picked an appropriate battle ground giving advantage to the high number of ranged troops in regards to the Viamontian military that mostly employs a close-up offense. This would also allow for a watch to be kept on any Renegade or Fort Tethana troop movements.

A parlay was arranged between Lord Marsan and Count Di Orza, in charge of the battalion sent form Sanamar. At this parlay were also the renegades which while worthy of note pales in comparison to what happened next.

A large body of black clouds swirled overhead (we now know these as Shadow Storms) and unleashed an attack that devastated all troops there, The two generals were the only ones alive and they watched as their comrades died, were obliterated outright, or were changed into shadow. In his log book, Lord Marsan cries out for word to be brought to any and all parties involved and possibly find out what dwells at the top of the blackened hill.

If you are of level 126 or greater then seek out this battlefield nearby the Tumerok Post portal at 12.2n 68.1w. Another staging point may be the Black Spawn Den near Fort Tethana. With your fellowship, head to the banner of the Strathelar family at 17.0n 68.1w to find the log book of Lord Marsan. You will also encounter Shadow Nightmares and Shadow Wraths many still dressed in the armour of their former allegiance.

Your next goal is to climb atop the blackened hill amidst the volleys of magic the shadows will cast upon you. A point of ascent is found at 16.1n 69.0w. At the top of the hill is The Dark Spiral dungeon at 15.9N, 68.7W. Inside you will face twisting corridors filled with Twisted Shadows and Barbaric Mukkir, something not before seen with the shadows hinting at another master of shadows later found out to be Grael.

Traveling through the passages youíll reach a three-way spilt; take the center path. You will soon after encounter a fork; take the right passage and continue on to a second fork where you will take the left passage which will lead you to your final fork; take the right passage. You will then come to a pit shrouded in shadow-mist and swarmed with more of the same monsters as well as a few shadows known as The Black Breath, all but immune to any damage that isnít magical. In the north-west corner of the pit is a book called the Lore of the Dark Spiral, a memoir of one who turned from the light and is now in service to a dark master that is not the Hopeslayer but to Grael though he is not named in this recounting.

Your fellows-in-arms must recall out and spread the word to officials of New Aluvia, Fort Tethana, and even the agents of Viamont need to know what has trespassed. You are only bound in allegiance to humankind in this act and you will not be promising favour to any one faction whomever you choose. Near Plateau Village at 42.9n 42.4w is Lieutenant Allandal, she will give you a shield of Strathelar Elite which has a Moderate Impregnability enchantment on it. If you bring the books to Lieutenant Durgan in the tavern at Fort Tethana you will receive the Tethana Manifesto which will raise your Self attribute by ten with its rallying words. If you instead choose to send your findings to Lieutenant Dialossa in the Royal Hall of Sanamar you will receive a Viamontian Pennant of Loyalty which will inspire loyalty by ten when used. Remember, all of Dereth needs to hear of these reports and if you do not care for the items they can be returned for more experience.

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