Varicciís Olthoi Assault on Yanshi (Shield of Yanshi)

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Varicciís Olthoi Assault on Yanshi (Shield of Yanshi)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:56 pm

Varicciís Olthoi Assault on Yanshi

Timer: 13 days
Rewards: 3 million XP and the Shield of Yanshi
Weapons: Slashing, Bludgeoning, and Olthoi Slayer
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Boss fight
Restrictions: 100+

It appears the fortified hamlet of Yanshi, already once stricken down by the Harbinger, is under a new threat by the olthoi. However, this hive isnít moving toward Yanshi naturally. To find out more, seek out Royal Guard Adrana at 12.3s 42.4e.

Royal Guard Adrana tells you, "Ah, you might be just the person to help me. As you can see, Yanshi has been rebuilt, stronger than ever. But I suspect that there are some who are making ready to tear down all that the townsfolk have worked hard to achieve. Please travel to the nearby granite quarry at 11.8S, 39.0E and see if there are any suspicious characters about. Bring me any evidence you can find of plots against the new town."

~ Granite Quarry ~
Coords: 11.8s 39.0e
Nearest Drop: Yanshi
Level: None
Spawns: Underminers (Humans)
Flagging: Must speak with Royal Guard Adrana
Weapons: Slashing and Human Slayer

Once you hit the hole in the ground marking the quarry just stick left to reach the Underminer Leader.

~ Boss ~
Name: Underminer Leader
Weak to: Slashing and Human Slayer
Drops: Underminer Notes
Cohorts: Underminers (Humans)
Uses: Physical damages and fire war spells

Take him down and read the note thatís on the corpse.

~ Underminer Notes ~

You and your team have shown remarkable skill in channeling our war beasts and the insect invaders to undermine the rebuilt town's foundations. We are not concerned with the loss of soldiers in this effort - they were meant to be fodder and shock troops, after all. You must simply keep enough Eaters alive and healthy to be able to drive the Olthoi Matron and her brood to the surface, once you have bridged the two caverns. We are most concerned with the concealment of the digging once the Olthoi bore closer to the surface. If you fail to conceal your presence beneath the town, the paranoid townsfolk will notice, and dispatch adventurers to investigate. If your work is discovered, you will find no further assistance forthcoming. Do not fail us. The rewards we promised to you are contingent upon your secrecy and your success. Useless tools are discarded. You will join your Bloodless brethren underneath our boot heels, and twice cursed as turncoats and incompetents.


It appears King Varicci is involved in this plot employing turncoats to our own people! Deliver this to Adrana.

You give Royal Guard Adrana Underminer Notes.

Royal Guard Adrana tells you, "Unbelievable! Why would people willingly betray their own town to that mad dog Varicci? It is as I feared. Please, enter the Yanshi Lower Undermine portal at the quarry and root out the cause of this trouble. It will not be enough to dispose of the Eaters that await -- you must fight through to the Olthoi Swarm Matron at the center of this plot and destroy her. Bring me the matron's claw, and I will reward you."

Head back to the quarry and this time simply stick right to reach the next level of the mine.

~ Yanshi Lower Undermine ~
Coords: N/A
Nearest Drop: Yanshi
Level: 100+
Spawns: Repugnant and Abhorrent Eaters (Eaters)
Flagging: Must have delivered the Underminer Notes to Royal Guard Adrana
Weapons: Slashing

Simply stick left and fight through the hoards of eaters to reach the next level.

~ Yanshi Upper Undermine ~
Coords: N/A
Nearest Drop: Yanshi Lower Undermine
Level: 100+
Spawns: Olthoi Swarm Warriors and Mutilators (Olthoi)
Flagging: Must have delivered the Underminer Notes to Royal Guard Adrana
Weapons: Bludgeoning/Piercing and Olthoi Slayer

Like before, simply stick left until you reach the matron of this hive.

~ Boss ~
Name: Yanshi Swarm Matron
Weak to: Bludgeoning/Piercing and Olthoi Slayer
Drops: Yanshi Swarm Matronís Claw
Cohorts: Olthoi Swarm Mutilators (Olthoi)
Uses: Piercing, Acid, and Bludgeoning damage

Itís usually best to clear the many, many mutilators before taking the matron on directly. Finish her off and loot the claw. On the East side of the matron's chamber, follow the short tunnel to the surface portal and deliver the claw to Adrana.

You give Royal Guard Adrana Yanshi Swarm Matron's Claw.

Royal Guard Adrana tells you, "A crisis narrowly averted! I thank you for your bravery and loyalty to Queen Elysa. Your actions have saved the town. As such, I think it would be appropriate to give you the Shield of Yanshi..."

You've earned 3,000,000 experience.
Royal Guard Adrana gives you Shield of Yanshi.

The Shield depicts the fortified hamlet and the sacred Stone of Yanshi and has an AL of 250 with a Moderate Coordination cantrip. Good work in protecting this town from another catastrophe,

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