The Bounty on Count Entemarre

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The Bounty on Count Entemarre

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:57 pm

The fledgling alliance between The Realm and Silyun is vital to repel any invasion made by New Viamont. In order to establish goodwill with the Grand Mother of Silyun, High Qeen Elysa Strathelar has sent an ambassador, Hashina. If you are at least level 80 and have already proven support of the Duke’s rebellion, speak to her by the memorial statue of Eleonora at 87.3n 70.5w to learn what you can do to help this alliance.

Hashina tells you, "Queen Elysa has sent me here to establish a formal relationship with the good people of Silyun, who have rebelled against Varicci's tyranny. In order to aid them in their fight, I would ask you to journey into the Direlands near Ayan Baqur. The Viamontians have built a fortress at 62.7S, 82.5W. Bring me the head of Baron Entemarre, the garrison commander. The people of Silyun seek vengeance upon Entemarre for his brutal tactics in the earlier rebellion."

Journey to this fortress by way of Ayan Baqur and you’ll discover two ways to reach the portal. You can either fight through the forces set against you or go up the right tower and jump onto the walls and then drop down to the portal if you prefer a more covert entrance. Inside you’ll find the following creatures:

Viamontian Knights - 110
Viamontian Commanders - 120
Viamontian War Wizards - 115
Viamontian Counselours - 120
Viamontian Royal Thaumaturges - 125
Voracious Eaters - 115

In this dungeon you will be sticking to the left wall almost exclusively with the one exception being taking the exit straight ahead of you when you reach a large open room. In the final room you will find Baron Entemarre (120) with a small guard accompanying him. He will be the knight not augmented and therefore your height. Kill him and loot his head then bring it back to Hashina.

Electricity tears Baron Entemarre apart! (13 day timer) (roughly 5 minute spawn)

You give Hashina Entemarre's Head.

Hashina tells you, "Yes, at last... This wretch Entemarre was responsible for great suffering among the people of Silyun. You must realize that there can be no official acknowledgement of your deed. However, I can reward you through my own resources..."

You've earned 1,500,000 experience.
Hashina gives you Whispering Blade Gloves.

The gloves are AL 300 with Coord VI and Moderate Coord as well as Impen VII. They go great with any silver suit you already have going and match the Whispering Blade Boots perfectly.

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