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Amelia the Friendly Ghost

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:33 am

~ Amelia the Friendly Ghost ~
Timer - 1 week (only one pet per character)
Reward - 1 Ancient Mhoire Coin, Xp, Amelia’s Gargoyle Amulet, and the Amelia’s Caretaker title
NPC to start - Amelia (64.9S 43.9W) (Evensong - roughly around Dawnsong only (can vary and be earlier or later by a few minutes)
Weapons - None (Recommend high melee defense and shields)
Type - Chore
Reqs- None

Little orphan Amelia is the spirit of a little girl waiting for her mother to return and even though we all know that they’re both long dead it still wouldn’t hurt to help her gather her 6 toys: A dollhouse, a golem doll, a snowman doll, a toy sword, a red ball, and a green ball. She will run around the graveyard and will summon dirt piles. Each dirt pile NPC (has a yellow dot on radar) lasts for 30 seconds so use it to get one of the 6 toys. Follow her to the rest and then go back to 64.9S 43.9W and hand each one to her to get your rewards. The toys themselves only last for an hour so don’t dilly dally with the turn ins, it’s also important to note that if you fail to collect all 6 you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Now, this sounds easy until you factor in this quest is only active at night and that means all the night time spawns will try to interfere. While trying to fight your way through may appear the only way, there is a more covert option. Hop into the towers and climb up them when you can to jump down and swoop in to retrieve a toy then head to the next nearest place like the top of a crypt. The point is to use the terrain to your advantage in order to make this quest as painless as possible.

Here is an example of the path you can take:

1 - Start her off and if you are not being attacked, wait. If you are, run and jump on top of the nearest building (The nearby rock is a great place).

2 - This will take practice or intuition. If you stayed still run to the 1st dirt pile and use it for the doll house, if you had to go and perch watch her move and when she stops jump down to where that dirt pile ought to be.

3 - Run ahead of her into the nearby field to the east and when the spawns retreat back, head toward the graveyard until Amelia is on your radar, the second dirt pile ought to be there. Use it and run atop another building (I prefer towers though crypts work well enough).

4 - Jump down for the 3rd pile and, again head on top of a crypt and then hop across the crypts to the 4th pile. You will then hop back along with her to pile #5

5 - Then drop back into the eastern field away from the spawns and when they retreat get her on radar and dash through to the 6th and final pile.

6 - On turning things in, do one at a time and head back out into the eastern field and repeat until all 6 items are handed in for your rewards!

As an easy reference, here are the coords per toy with their respective messages:

Pile 1: 64.5s 43.9w Amelia says, "I am pretty sure I was playing here with my toys..." Doll House
Pile 2: 64.5s 44.1w Amelia says, "It's around here somewhere..." Red Ball
Pile 3: 64.7s 44.2w Amelia says, "Do you see anything around here?" Snowman Doll
Pile 4: 64.9s 44.2w Amelia says, "I wonder if this is the place where my toys got lost?" Toy Sword
Pile 5: 64.9s 44.3w Amelia says, "Hmmm. I think I left a toy near here..." Golem Doll
Pile 6: 64.5s 44.3w Amelia says, "My last toy was lying around here somewhere..." Green Ball

Hand them to her to make her happy but realize if dawn approaches she’ll disappear saying she’ll see you soon (at night). So be patient, play smart, and enjoy the new pet!

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