Lady of House Mhoire

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Lady of House Mhoire

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:34 am

~ Lady of House Mhoire ~
Timer - None
Reward - 2-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins via Sealed Vault chest pull, 1 emblem redeemable for a Mana Forge Key, and the Lady Tairla’s Champion Title
NPC to start - Lady Tairla Mhoire (spawns after defeating her tormented form)
Weapons - Fire/Lightning/Piercing, Ghost Slayer
Type - Boss fight
Reqs - None

“Why do you leave the floor so soon? I will not leave the dance!” This green text is a sure-fire way for knowing if this ghost is upon you. She is a rare spawn that can only occur at night, however it is random as to when she will spawn if at all and if she spawns near day time (Foredawn or later) then it’s most likely a lost cause as she will disappear whether in monster form or NPC form at Dawnsong, so be wary of the time. She’ll spawn roughly around the five crypts in Upper GY in front of the mausoleum with the two guardian statues though she will roam around and can end up in Lower GY at times.

She will employ heavy damaged cold attacks as well as her Spectral Handmaidens which will die in time, but when they do they explode causing damage to the immediate area. Perch from above or lure her away for best results. Archers are particularly useful on her with the composite bow.

Taking her out will summon an NPC version of the Lady around 64.9S 44.1W. Speak with her to gain the title reward as well as a key to the Sealed Vault but there is a limit to how many keys she will give out (10) so this kill requires courtesy to those who come in at the end or wish to get keys for their other characters.. The ghost itself will become Noble Remains marking the end of this quest. If you’re brave enough the monster form of her drops 0-5 coins on death that you may try to collect as well as any Jester Cards/Tokens.

The Sealed Vault is located in a crypt at 64.9S 44.1W. Once inside the crypt, go down the stairs and turn right down another flight of stairs, and then another flight of stairs which you will turn left after to yet another flight of stairs. In that room (with two Corrupted Dreads) is the Sealed Vault. Loot it for 1-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins as well as an Ancient Emblem you can turn in to an Arcanum Mana Smith at any Forge Chests location for a Mana Forge Key (13 day timer on this part). There is a false room beside the vault if you wish to let the Dreads reset so you can loot freely. Try not to drop loot near the chest or the bug could happen where the icon will appear in the chest and you could cause someone to lose their turn.

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