Lord of House Mhoire

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Lord of House Mhoire

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:34 am

~ Lord of House Mhoire ~
Timer - None
Reward - 1-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins via Sealed Vault chest pull, 1 Mana Forge Key (13 day timer on this) and the Hero of House Mhoire Title
NPC to start - Guardian Statue (64.6S 44.1W)
Weapons - Fire/Acid/Slashing/Bludgeoning (Undead Slayer, CS or CB on boss)
Type - Epic Boss fight
Reqs - None (Lv 120+ rec,)

Remember that Ornate Bone Key mentioned earlier? You’ll need to use that with the Guardian Statue (there are two) in order to summon a one minute portal that leads you inside what appears to be grand hall or mausoleum still deep beneath the surface. Speaking with the ghost NPC will trigger the start of four waves battling spawns found on the surface beginning with Pyre Minions all the way to the undead and ghosts, use the weapons appropriate to the wave. You only have one hour to complete this quest and if you die you must wait until that hour expires or the boss is killed to return (Plus you’ll need another key) They are as follows:

1: Pyre Minions (Imp and bludge/fire)
2: Wights, Wight Captains, Wight Blade Sorcerers (Imp and slash/fire, kill the sorcerers first)
3: Pyre Minions (Imp and bludge/fire)
4: Pyre Minions, Pyre Skeletons, Pyre Champions (Imp and flame/bludge bait shields, use bludge/fire)
5: Pyre Minions, Pyre Skeletons, Pyre Champions, Pillars of Fire, Lord Cynreft Mhoire (same as wave 4 but fire/bludge bait the shield of the boss as well use bludge/fire on the boss)

A common battle strategy is to jump onto the chest in order to avoid melee damage. I prefer going onto the crypt behind the shade and using the candle walls. After the four waves have been beaten the tormented soul of the Lord of House Mhoire will be summoned along with fire pillars that spell doom to melees. The lord himself uses heavy fire damage spells and attacks as well as a sword that can heal itself making him a bit rough.

Take the pillars out and then roast the boss with fire weapons or bludgeoning. Upon its demise, the calmed soul of Lord Cynreft Mhoire will appear and, much like the Lady, reward you with a key and the title (10 keys only). Use the key on the chest for 1-5 Mhoire coins and an Ancient Emblem you can turn in to an Arcanum Mana Smith at any Forge Chests location for a Mana Forge Key (13 day timer on this part). The corpse of Lord Cynreft Mhoire may drop a number of Ancient Mhoire Coins and Jester's Cards/Tokens.

Try not to drop loot near the chest or the bug could happen where the icon will appear in the chest and you could cause someone to lose their turn. If you wish to kill the lord again you must exit the area and use another Ornate Bone Key to gain access again (only one person needs to do this).

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