Grave Rat Kill Task

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Grave Rat Kill Task

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:41 am

~ Grave Rat Kill Task ~
Timer - 3 days Getting a Rat Bait (resets to 3 days after turning in a Deathtail's Fang), 3 hours for the rest of it.
Reward - Xp, the Crypt Rat title, and Rat Bait for use in the Deathtail quest
NPC to start - Lo Shoen (65.3S 43.4W)
Weapons - Lightning or Slashing
Type - Kill task
Reqs - Lv. 50+

After speaking with Lo Shoen (65.3S 43.3W, on top of the Arcanum Lookout) go out and kill 100 grave rats, fairly easy and quick so donít let the number fool you. When done speak with Lo Shoen for your title, Xp, and some bait in his bag to use for Deathtail. The Blood Crypt rats from Deathtail also count for this kill task. You do not get the bait, however, if you have turned in a fang within the previous 3 days so be wary of that.

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