Deathtailís Demise

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Deathtailís Demise

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:41 am

~ Deathtailís Demise ~
Timer - 3 days
Reward - 0-5 coins on the corpse, 50% Xp needed to level (up to 100 million), the Grave Stalker title, and 1 Ancient Mhoire Coin from the NPC.
NPC to start - Lo Shoen (65.3S 43.3W, on top of the Arcanum Lookout)
Weapons - Lightning/Bludgeoning/Slashing/Piercing (CS/CB for Deathtail)
Type - Boss fight
Reqs- 50+, Rat Bait from the Grave Rat Kill Task

You will need some rat bait to do this quest. Only one piece is needed so itís best to do the kill task for it ahead of time. Speak with our dear friend Lo Shoen and then find a Rat Burrow. Theyíre found day and night all around the estate with the one by the southern end (SW exit) being popular due to low spawns during the day time. Give the cheese to the burrow to start. Instantly, many Grave Rats and Blood Curse Rats (they cast harms and festers) will come out as well as the ghastly rat, Deathtail. Melees and archers ought to work on the boss (full speed attacks work well if you want to lower his ADD rate) while mages clear the spawn and keep the others alive. Deathtail will drop 0-5 coins as well as 9 fangs. Each member should grab a fang to turn in to Lo Shoen in order to receive a coin, title, and Xp. This quest is great as an allegiance leveling tool as there is no restrictions at all on anything.

Note: Both types of rat spawn count toward the Grave Rat Kill Task and turning in the Deathtail's Fang will reset your timer for getting more Rat Bait from the Grave Rat Kill Task to 3 days.

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