Divided by Factions

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Divided by Factions

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:42 am

~ Divided by Factions ~
Timer - 13 days
Reward - Lore and XP
NPC to start - Jondor Torgren (Zaikhal.at 13.6N 0.7E)
Weapons - Fire/Slashing/Lightning (Undead slayer, Ghost Slayer)
Type - Task
Reqs - None (100+ rec.)

Seek out Jondor Torgren to learn of three factions that all have interests in the occurrence of the graveyard. Jawaq ibn Janath at 65.3S 42.3W (East of the Graveyard) will assign you to bring him the head of the Blight Lictor who resides amongst Blight Revenants in a pit to the South; he will reward you with an introduction letter to the Radiant Blood faction.

Kousu Temo at 64.2S 44.0W (North of the Graveyard) will send you on a task taking place in the Blight Rat Crypt at 64.0S 44.2W. Kill the Large Blight Rat and take the key from its corpse to unlock the Blight Rat Chest and retrieve the Scepter of Menilesh for Kousu Temo who will reward you with an introduction letter to the Eldrytch Web faction.

Candrus Steady-Hand at 65.8S 45.3W (West of the Graveyard) will send you on a task to kill 8 Blight Spirits that reside to the west; your reward will be an introduction letter to the Celestial Hand faction. Now bring these letters to their respective agents in Ayan Baqur:

~Celestial Hand - Joku Shunja at 60.1S 88.0W
~Eldrytch Web - Qurakh al-Taal at 59.9S 87.9W
~Radiant Blood - Vierana du Canamorra at 60.0S 87.8W

Bring the three books to Jondor to receive some XP as well as the books returned for your reading pleasure.

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