Giving the Blightfinger

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Giving the Blightfinger

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:05 am

~ Giving the Blightfinger ~

Timer - 13 days
Reward - XP, Club of Surprising Cunning and an upgrade to a Club of Remarkable Cunning
NPC to start - Merwart Mundagurg (59.7Ss 88.2w) in Ayan Baqur
Weapons - Slashing
Type - Boss fight
Reqs- 70+ and a Platinum Golem Heart for the upgrade

A clutch of Blighted Miry and Desolation Moarsman have constructed a subterranean den on the beach near Ayan Baqur at 56.8s 89.2w. Head on in and stick to the Right to reach a chamber with ramp leading down into the ground; take it and continue sticking to the Right to reach the Blightfinger’s Warrens.

Once inside stick to the Right once more to reach Blightfinger in a chamber at the end of the dungeon near a portal to the surface. Defeat him and take his hand back to Merwart Mundagurg to receive some XP and a new mace! If you wish to upgrade it further then give the Merwart a Platinum Golem Heart to receive a Carved Platinum Heart to be used on the club to upgrade it. Both versions of the club can be traded in for XP.

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