The Lost Sword of Bellenesse (Viamontian Knight Slayer: Sword ONLY)

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The Lost Sword of Bellenesse (Viamontian Knight Slayer: Sword ONLY)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu May 29, 2008 7:33 pm

The Lost Sword of Bellenesse

Timer: 27 Days
Rewards: % XP and a choice of Replica Sword of Bellenesse (Viamontian Knight Slayer), Shield of Silyun (Mod Endurance), or Shield of Sanamar (Mod Strength)
Weapons: Pierce or Slashing (Lightning on the Escaped Thief if you have trouble)
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Task
Restrictions: None (Rec. 80+)

The Sword of Bellenesse has been stolen from the royal vaults underneath Sanamar and both the Loyalists of King Varicci and the Rebels of Duke Bellenesse want the sword back, also there is a neutral weaponsmith who seeks the blade to study. This quest has three NPC's you may start and/or end with. Each one has different loyalties but will not discriminate agaisnt any opposing factions or neutral parties:

Rebels: Lucari di Bellenesse - 87.3n 70.5w (Silyun) - Shield of Silyun
Loyalists: Turien Di Furza - 71.8n 61.2w (Sanamar) - Shield of Sanamar
Neutral: Bhravarn ibn Salizim - 21.5s 1.6w (Yaraq) - Replica Sword of Bellenesse

After speaking with whomever you wish head to the Lady Maila Estates out of Mayoi at 60.9s 80.3e then head to an entrance to some tunnels at 71.1n 50.2w. This dungeon is filled with Bane and Ripper Grievvers and can be navigated by simply sticking to the left wall all the way to a large room with a rampway heading into the ground; follow it (sticking to the left) to the end area containing the Escaped Theif, who'll drop the stolen Sword of Bellenesse on death, and his guard of Abhorrent Eaters. Return the stolen sword to whomever you wish to recieve your rewards. If you do not like the items then they may be turned back in for addtional XP.

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