Mr. P's Mission

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Mr. P's Mission

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:05 am

Mr. P's Mission (Pet Penguin)

To begin this quest to receive your very own penguin head to Macniall's Freehold, and run to Mr. P at 72.8S 93.0E.

Mr. P is enjoying the warm sunshine and soothing ocean sounds.
Mr. P reaches into his "P-pocket" and pulls out a small piece of candy. His eyes light up at the sight of it and he quickly tosses it into his mouth.
Mr. P leans back and continues to enjoy his sweet treat when he realizes he is being watched.
Feeling a little embarrassed Mr. P puffs up his belly and squints at you. You feel as if this strange little penguin is judging you. After a few awkward moments he picks up an old candy wrapper from the ground, smoothes it out a bit and hands it to you.
Mr. P gives you Marked Candy Wrapper.
Mr. P sits back again and hums to himself while rubbing his tummy.

Head to Holtburg then run to the Petshop (35.2n 39.3e)

You give Larinne Kerendova Marked Candy Wrapper.
Larinne Kerendova tells you, "What's this? Ahh, Mr. P is looking for more penguin treats. Very well, here you go."
Larinne Kerendova gives you Small Sack of Penguin Treats.
Larinne Kerendova tells you, "What? How do I know that? It says so right here, see?"
Larinne Kerendova points at the paw-print, and then at the placement of the toes

Now bring the treats to Mr. P.

You give Mr. P Small Sack of Penguin Treats.
Mr. P is sitting outside nibbling on cookies when you hand him the Small Sack of Penguin Treats.
Mr. P sniffs at the sack and can smell the pengy food. Mr. P sticks his tongue out at it but knows that a proper diet is best for young pengys. Mr. P nods at you for a job well done.
Mr. P continues to nibble on his cookie a bit then hands it to you.
Mr. P gives you Partially-eaten Cookie.
Odd, it's shaped like an igloo... Maybe you should look for a mechanic who knows a thing or two about igloos.
Mr. P thinks MacNiall's Freehold needs a candy store.

Head to Qalaba’r then to the Qalaba’r Oasis settlement portal (74.8s 17.8e). Frosthaven is nearby at 68.4s 25.2e. Seek out Elijah (68.6s 25.5e). A faster route can be found by taking the Lugian Citadels Portal Device to Ridge Citadel then heading to Frosthaven from there.

You give Elijah Partially-eaten Cookie.
Elijah tells you, "No thanks, I'm not hungr... Oh, wait! This is not so much food as a request from that odd little penguin for a Portable Igloo!"
Elijah tells you, "Did he come to his senses and finally decide it's too hot in the south, with the sand and the sun and the Oy this place is so very hot?"
Elijah gives you Portable Igloo.
Elijah tells you, "You better get this to him quickly, before he melts."
Elijah tells you, "Hmmm... Do penguins melt?"

Bring the igloo back to Mr. P.

You give Mr. P Portable Igloo.
Mr. P inspects your Portable Igloo and nods. Mr. P has never been fond of igloos but understands that not all pengys like the warm weather like he does.
Mr. P has one final important task for you. He has received news that a pengy rookery has been overrun by mean old Eaters. Mr. P wants you to help save the pengy population and rescue an egg.
Mr. P draws a small but highly detailed map of the Halatean Isles in the sand, pointing out a location that seems to be at 80.8N, 57.4W.

The rookery can be found by traveling to Silyun and taking the Plains of Ruin portal (87.7n 69.7e). The Pengy Rookery is at 80.8n 57.4w Stick to the left wall the entire way down and use the penguin nest that will summon a horde of Famished Eaters and an Especially Famished Eater.

As you inspect the nest, you hear the tell-tale rumble of approaching Eaters.
Especially Famished Eater suffers a frozen fate!

Use the nest again.

You carefully remove a Penguin Egg from the nest.
Penguin Nest gives you Penguin Egg.
You look at the remaining eggs, but none look as healthy as this one, so you decide to not take another.

Bring the egg to Mr. P.

You give Mr. P Penguin Egg.
Mr. P is so happy to see that you have saved an egg he jumps up and down and does a little belly slide. Mr. P waddles into his house for a moment and returns with a gift for you, your very own pet pengy.
Mr. P gives you Pet Penguin Igloo.
You've earned 263,600 experience
Mr. P looks at you with pride in his eyes, and then nibbles on a piece of candy contentedly.

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