Casting a Light on the Shadow Lugian (Bur Recall)

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Casting a Light on the Shadow Lugian (Bur Recall)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:20 am

~ Casting a Light on the Shadow Lugian ~
Timer - Once only
Reward - XP, Bur Recall
NPC to start - Kaurik in Kor-Gursha
Weapons - Fire, Undead Slayer, Ghost Slayer, Cold and Burun Slayer to get to the dungeon.
Type - Task
Reqs - Must have done the "Stopping the Ritual" quest (Saving Asheron), 150+

Word has spread about defeating the rituals against Asheron and one man in particular would reward you with a discreet task that will allow you to learn a spell to recall to Bur. Head Cragstone and speak with Oswent the Pale (25.7n 49.2e) to learn more.

Oswent the Pale tells you, "You fought valiantly against the Falatacot that imprisoned Asheron on Bur, didn't you? I have seen council reports on your bravery. I commend you for your past service, and I would ask for your assistance once more in a very sensitive matter of utmost importance to the realm. Some of us have reason to believe that Lord Kresovus, the leader of our Lugian allies, is... not what he seems."
Oswent the Pale tells you, "Please venture to the Lugian stronghold of Linvak Tukal and discreetly investigate Lord Kresovus' quarters. It could be that there is some evidence there of what has happened to him."

Head to Linvak Tukal and up the central rampway up to Kresovus' room, you'll find a lockbox in the Southwest corner of the room that will portal you into a hidden structure beneat the city.

You place your hand on the chest, and it rumbles open, revealing the purple light of portalspace...

Head thorugh to find multiple Watcher's Guard Lugians guarding a door that you can take down. After breaking the Watcher's Wall down head on through and take out the remaining Lugian guards and then take out the Watcher in the Warren/ Loot the Watcher's Message Shard and bring it back to Oswent.

As you deal a fatal blow to the Warren Watcher and dissipate its essence, it shrieks in your mind, "You have slain this iteration, meat puppet, but you will not interfere with the Master's immortality!

You give Oswent the Pale Watcher's Message Shard.
You've earned 148,617,928 experience.
Oswent the Pale gives you Scroll of Bur Recall.

Oswent the Pale tells you, "This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I think the presence of the Virindi confirms our suspicions that the Lord Kresovus who resides now in Linvak Tukal is an impostor! But please, keep this discreet. I cannot even share with you what we translate from this shard. Some secrets are too sensitive. But I thank you for your loyal and courageous service."
Oswent the Pale tells you, "You might also find this useful, since you've been to Bur... A scroll to help you recall to that mysterious and intriguing world."

This quest also flags you to combat Shadow Kresovus directly (Kresovus' Shadow quest) upon completion.

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