Frosty the Snowman

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Frosty the Snowman

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:41 pm

~ Frosty the Snowman ~
Timer - 23 hours
Reward - Various
NPC to start - None
Weapons - Acid, Bludge, and Cold
Type - Epic
Reqs - None

The Abominable Snowman has been raiding Frost Haven and it’s about time we help our frigid friends. First, you must get to Frost Haven. Head to Qalaba’r then to the Qalaba’r Oasis settlement portal (74.8s 17.8e). Frost Haven is nearby at 68.4s 25.2e. A faster route can be found by taking the Lugian Citadels Portal Device to Ridge Citadel then heading to Frost Haven from there. The raids occur every couple of hours and last until the enemies are defeated.

Bong! Bong! Frost Haven's Mayor sounds the alarm. The Abominable Snowman is attacking the town! Defend Frost Haven!

The raid consists of two waves, the first wave includes the Abominable Snowman and other Snowmen of the Angry and Two-Headed varieties which will spawn throughout the fight. When the Abominable snowman is down, loot a Frozen Present off the corpse and await wave two.

Bong! Bong! Frost Haven's Mayor sounds the alarm again. All the fighting has drawn Scold down from his mountain lair. Prepare for battle everyone!

The second wave consists of Scold, a huge Magma Golem, when he is defeated he will break into four Scold Chunks and when each Chunk is defeated two Scold Lumps will rise in their place for a total of eight Lumps at the end. Each Lump, on death, will drop multiple Hot Coals. If you missed the present from the Snowman wave you can bring your coal to the Mayor and he’ll give you a Frozen Present to use your coal on.

Using the Hot Coal on the Frozen Present will result in a present that, once you use, will result in the following items:

~ House Decourations ~

Holiday Feast
Holiday Hearth
Snow Machine
Holiday Lights**
Grand Bed* **
Wood Stove*
Jubilee Rug*
Festivus Rug*
Pitiful Pine Tree* **
Pile of Presents* **

~ Pack Dolls ~

Doll House
Pack Scold
Pack Abominable Snowman
Pack Mr. P (Holiday version) **

~ Pets ~

Pet Snowman **

~ Weapons ~

Orb of Eternal Frost **

* Items that can NOT be found from the Frozen Gifts the Mayor gives you.
** Items that appear to be a bit rarer.

The rewards are mainly for house hooks but the Orb can cast Snowballs at players (0 damage) and there’s a Charlie Brown reference you can find by using a Blue Blanket on a Pitiful Pine Tree to make a Small Pine Tree that’s quite flashy. The Banner can be dyed and stamped and looks similar to the wall hangings found on various walls around Dereth.

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