Jaleh’s Legacy (Human Slayer + Oswald's Dirk + Melee-only Upgrade)

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Jaleh’s Legacy (Human Slayer + Oswald's Dirk + Melee-only Upgrade)

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~ Jaleh’s Legacy ~

Timer - 1 month
Reward - Human Slayer stone for Perfect Isparian Weapons, Jaleh’s Necklace and personal effects as well as Oswald’s Dirk (Optional)
NPC to start - Aamiah (60.0s 87.8w in Ayan Baqur)
Weapons - Any and Human Slayer
Type - Chore
Reqs- 60+, Lock picking

After speaking with Aamiah and learning of the disappearance of her husband, the founder of Ayan Baqur, Jaleh, go into the house behind her and at the top level on the roof pick up the following items as clues:

Strands of Silk
Half Empty Mug
Empty Mug
Sweet Smelling Bark

Bring the Half Empty mug to Ulgrim the Unpleasant nearby at the pub then being the Strands of Silk to Ro Bi-Jor in Sawato at 28.5s 59.2e. Nearby are a pair of sollerets that she will mention to prove her innocence, pick them up and return them to her to continue your investigation. Bring the empty mug to Celcynd in Rithwic’s Pub across the bridge form the drop; afterwards give him the bark to acquire a new lead in your investigation.

Head out to Glenden Wood and run to a Wooden Tablet at 32.1n 25.6e; use it to receive a clue that is a message signaling you to go to Mayoi then to the Lady Maila Estates at 60.8s 80.3e. From here head to a Fir Tree at 80.0n 45.8w and use it to enter the dungeon of Oswald’s Trials. Here you have a choice, if you only want to acquire the Human Slayer upgrade for Perfect Isparian Weapons then skip down to “Heart of Innocence” section. If you want Oswald’s Dirk then you must do the trials I will outline below. You MUST enter the Fir Tree dungeon either way.

~ Oswald’s Trial I - Vagabond’s Touch ~

From the Fir Tree drop take the portal to reach a small room with a Puzzle Box. Using the Lockpick Skill (Required) you will use the Puzzle Box. If you pass the skill check you will reach the next trial, if you fail you will have two to seven Heart Rend spells cast upon you; if you die you must come back and hope you are brought to the right room (There are 4-6 copies of the Fir Tree and Puzzle Box rooms).

~ Oswald’s Trial II - Vagabond’s Stealth ~

This chamber will feature multiple Rolling Balls of Death and you can choose to either jump along the platforms to evade or dash along through the gaps in the pattern to the portal on the other side of the room. If you die, you can make it back here (Only one copy of this dungeon) but recovering the body may prove to be impossible. One way of doing it is to watch the patterns and run under the platform that will be diagonally Right from the starting alcove and will be against the wall. From there watch the patterns and once you spy the correct gaps, you can simply run to the portal in a straight dash. An alternate route involves sticking to the Left (Watching for the Balls of Death) and jumping onto the platform on the Left side of the room and using full shift jumps along the platforms moving higher and toward the portal, when you are above the portal watch for the Balls of Death then jump down and head into the portal to the next trial.

~ Oswald’s Trial III - Vagabond’s Focus ~

Speak to the Babysitter Statue to receive four colored balls, give Po Po the yellow, Shim Shim the red, Mu Mu the green, and Cao Cao the blue; speak wit the Judgment statue to be given a key and access to the final room of this dungeon.

~ Oswald’s Room - Vagabond’s Treasure ~

Use the key to open the chest to receive Oswald’s Dirk (Major Lockpick). There are also numerous SIK chests and locked chests (pickable) if you want some more loot. If you want the Human Slayer stone then head on out.

~ Heart of Innocence ~

From Holtburg, head to the Heart of Innocence portal which, like the creator, is shifty and not always easy to find. The portal spawns randomly but always near 34.0n 39.0e. Head inside and prepare for some fighting.

Note: As all the enemies here are Humans you can camp here for the Invitation to the Battle Burrows portal gem used for Soroku’s Challenge.

From the drop head South and pick the door and have everyone pick up a key near the door. There are multiple traps through the halls and at ever door for the most part. Each trap is a set of traps, one after another, with the first being a Vuln and the second being the corresponding War spell so if you’re hit by a Vuln, do a shift top jump forward to avoid the War spell. Continue South until you hit a T intersection; either path will bring you to the same large open room. Head to the South end of the large room and go down the ramp that lies inside the inner chamber (Opening is facing the South wall). You’ll reach a split; take either path to reach a large open room with various Named Bandits that pose little difficulty but speak to you while fighting them. In this room there are two of Jaleh’s items: his Silk Shirt and Necklace on the outside and inside of the inner chamber respectively. The Necklace gives +25 health and is a great item for those who can not get the Encrusted Bloodstone Necklace. Continue East past a locked door to get Jaleh’s Turban. Head east through a fake wall into a large open chamber where the body of Jaleh lies atop a sacrificial altar. This body can be used to receive the very heart of Jaleh, called the Heart of Innocence and it will instantly harden (While still beating) allowing it to be used in Perfect Isparian Weapons to be given the Human Slayer property. Next to the body, which still bears some semblance of life, are Jaleh’s Wedding Ring and Slippers. Along the East end of the room lies his Finery Chest where his Chainmail Shirt and Amuli Leggings are located. Behind a fake wall to the North lies some lore written by Oswald explaining the events. Return these Items to Aamiah (Keep the Necklace, heart, coat, leggings, and lore) to receive some experience and a letter to give to Ro Bi-Jor to receive 250k experience. The Heart of the Innocence can be taken out of a weapon with an Isparian Weapon Modifying Tool.

~ Elemental Upgrades ~

For those wielding a melee Weeping Weapon, you can do a permanent upgrade to it to give it an elemental damage type of your choice. To do this head to Hemmick near Holtburg at 34.0n 39.7e and give him an MMD note to gain access to the Elemental Caverns at 82.6s 47.5w (To get there, head to Mayoi then to the Southern Direlands portal at 62.2s 77.1e and then to an access point at 82.3s 45.6w to get up the hill leading to the caverns). From the drop you can choose one of fourth paths. The enemies within, weapons you will need, and the upgrade for your Weeping Weapon are as follows:

Red - Ruby Gromnies - Cold Weapons - Fire Weeping Upgrade
Blue - Sapphire Gromnies - Fire Weapons - Cold Weeping Upgrade
Green - Emerald Gromnies - Lightning Weapons - Acid Weeping Upgrade
Purple - Amethyst Gromnies - Acid Weapons - Lightning Weeping Upgrade

The upgrade is done by giving the weapon to a pool at the end of each tunnel and is irreversible and can not be undone even with the modifying tool and if you want more than one element you’ll need to bring more than one Weeping Weapon.

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