Pet Shop Boys (and Girls)

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Pet Shop Boys (and Girls)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:06 pm

~ Pet Shop Boys (and Girls) ~

Timer - 7 days
Reward - Pet Ursuin, Drudge, Thrungus, or Armoredillo
NPC to start - Larinne Kerendova (35.2n 39.4e in the Pet Shop near Holtburg)
Weapons - None
Type - Task
Reqs- None

The Pet Shop houses many pets for sale, but you must speak to Larinne to acquire a token that is used as payment to one of the four pet trainers to receive a pet. Larinne will give you four letters to four different people, each of who will give you a reply for Larinne:

Turien Di Furza - Sanamar - 71.8n 61.2w
Renald the Eldest - Holtberg - 42.1n 33.8e
Nen Ai - Shoushi - 34.8s 71.2e
May’ad ibn Ibsar - Yaraq - 21.7s 1.6w

Take the replies back to Larinne and she will reward you with a Baby Pet Token. There are four NPC’s who will accept the Token and give you a pet in exchange for it:

Elise Du Ricard - Baby Thrungus
Tamara Mist runner - Ursuin Cub
Ma-Kii - Baby Drudge
Gharon al-Bhavarn - Armoredillo Pup

Enjoy your pet, double click on the item the wranglers gave you to summon or put away your pet, only one pet can be out at a time.

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