Cow Tippin’ Holtburg-Style

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Cow Tippin’ Holtburg-Style

Post by Taomagicdragon on Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:21 pm

~ Cow Tippin’ Holtburg-Style ~

Timer - 7 days
Reward - XP, Pack Tipped Cow, Obviously Bored title, and Flagging for the Very Mad Cow Colosseum Boss
NPC to start - Dwennon (42.6n 33.6e in Holtburg)
Weapons - None
Type - Task
Reqs- None

Dwennon in Holtburg has a secret and knows the truth of what befalls Dereth in our darkest hours: Cows, the Black-and-White hoofed harbingers of death! Seek out a cow in any town (Holtburg’s is close enough) and instead of slaying the cow, a fate too short and sweet, you will tip them (Double-click them) 300 times. The game will give you various messages every 50 tips, and Dwennon will shout, or moo, words of encouragement when you speak to him as you progress. Return to him when you finish to be given your rewards. The Pack Tipped Cow can be brought to the Master Arbitrator in the Colosseum (From Yanshi run to the conveyance device at 11.3s 37.6e and use it to enter the Colosseum) for access to the Locked Door in the back hallways as well as the ability to use the statue shaped like a cow to be transported into that arena. The Master Arbitrator will return to you the doll.

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