Giant Drudge Problem (Monouga Slayer: Thrown Weapons ONLY)

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Giant Drudge Problem (Monouga Slayer: Thrown Weapons ONLY)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu May 29, 2008 7:37 pm

~ Giant Drudge Problem (Eyeslayer Quest) ~
7 day timer
Rewards: XP and three tiers of Eyeslayer
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Quest Type: Epic
Restriction: None

If youíve run around the northern Direlands youíll find many monougas fighting beside drudges!? Something must be up and to find out what head to the Monouga Feeding Facility.

~ Monouga Feeding Facility ~

Coords: 9.8s 81.0w
Nearest Drop: Fort Tethana or Humming Crystal Portal
Level: None
Flagging: None
Normal Spawn: Drudge Mystic/Ascendant Drudge/Unconquerable Drudge
Weapons: Slash/Fire

This dungeon is very simple to navigate just go forward until you reach a room with doors on all sides. This is when you split to reach the different tiers:

Right - Low (315 wield)
Straight - Middle (335 wield)
Left - High (360 wield)

All three lay outs are similar and work the same way. Which ever path you choose will end at a T. One door leads to a chamber with a bell and a note. The other door leads down a winding pathway to the imprisoned Monouga.

(Low/High- Bell chamber to the left/Tunnel to the right.. Med- Bell chamber to the right/Tunnel to the left )

Hitting the bell will trigger the spawn of the Monouga and lasts for ONLY 60 minutes so donít dilly dally. The plan is to use the bell and head down to the chamber to fight the Monouga and claim one of its ribs off its body.

You ring the bell.
In the distance, shrieks and growls echo through the halls. A purple light glows brightly for a few moments.

Note: in the High Tier a small boss drudge appears

The Drudge Caretaker spreads his collected food out in the Monouga's feeding area.

In front of the bells is a note (all three are the same).

Instructions for Care and Feeding of Monougas
1.DO NOT go into the monouga's cavern or it will eat you.
2.Ring bell.
3.Watch attendant drudge hurl food into pit.

Diverging from these instructions will result in great pain.
(Note for the more intelligent drudges - the reason we must feed the monougas this way is that, for security purposes, we do not have a stable portal set up from our outposts to the breeding pit. The bells trigger a portal summoning on both the monouga to be fed as well as the trained attendant drudge. In an hour, a latent recall occurs, bringing the monouga back. In this way, we maximize security of the breeding pit. - Bonecrunch

Now head down to the chamber and take the giant down! Mages are advised to use wall spells from the hallway. Any ranged characters should work on the Drudges that come in every so often.

~ Boss ~

Name: Large/Huge/Giant Imprisoned Monouga
Weak to: Cold/Peirce/Tusker Fists
Drops: Large/Huge/Giant Monouga Rib
Cohorts: Ascendant Drudges + Drudge Caretaker (Giant Only)
Uses: Bludgeoning Physical

Loot your rib and in the Giant tier the Caretaker drops a Large Bag of Food for you to bring back to Jarvis in Cragstone. I chose Cragstone as my turn in point as it has an Ivory Crafter and Jarvis. Head to the pub at 25.7n 48.8e and give your ribs to the Ivory Crafter.

You give Ivory Crafter Large Monouga Rib.
Ivory Crafter gives you Eyeslayer (Large).

You give Ivory Crafter Huge Monouga Rib.
Ivory Crafter gives you Eyeslayer (Huge).

You give Ivory Crafter Giant Monouga Rib.
Ivory Crafter gives you Eyeslayer (Giant).

Ivory Crafter tells you, "See the curve on this rib? It will allow superior launching of projectiles, and the nature of the bone itself will naturally attune itself to slaying the mighty monouga. Here, try this out."

Head to Jarvis Hammerstone at 25.6n 49.4e and give him your sack of food.

You give Jarvis Hammerstone Large Bag of Food.
You've earned 5,938,157 experience.

Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "Why, yes - this does look like some of the food lately stolen from Cragstone. Will those pesky drudges stop at nothing?"
Jarvis Hammerstone tells you, "At least you stopped them. Good work."

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