Her Prodigal Majesty (Olthoi Slayer, 120+)

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Her Prodigal Majesty (Olthoi Slayer, 120+)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:31 am

~ Her Prodigal Majesty ~

13 day timer
Rewards: XP, Paradox-touched Queenslayer + head plaque (One per kill), choice of Olthoi-slayer weapon or shield. You also receive a key for pulls from the mana forge/shard chests near the capital cities.
Difficulty: Hard
Quest Type: Epic
Weapons: Bludge or Pierce and Olthoi Slayer
Restrictions: 120+, high base AL armour or Olthoi Armour

This quest, like the original Marae Lassel Queen Quest features a lot of preparation. I will outline the steps below to prepare for this quest:

~ Preparation I: Gathering the Glands ~

This step can be done alone and should be done before the actual quest starts. Head out to Paradox Valley at 44.5n 55.0e and hunt the spawns that of level 161 or higher as these can drop the Coruscating Scent Glands you need. You only need one to participate on this quest but it can be beneficial to hunt with a group to prevent anyone from being overwhelmed. The Sentinels in the valley have a 100% drop rate but deal hollow damage so if you’re going to hunt them, be wary of that.

To get here you need to run from the Far Claw Villas Settlement (32.9n 59.4e out of Arwic). To be safe, you should either tie to the nearby Lifestone at 48.3N 57.4E or the Olthoi Tunnels* dungeon at 48.0n 53.0e. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have 5 Small Venom Sacs from this area you can buy a recall spell to this place from a vendor at the tent up the cliffs at 43.8n 54.9e.

* The Olthoi Tunnels will be the staging area for the actual quest itself so the leader should tie here as one of two ties needed for this quest. Those just following can also get use out of this tie (Or the lifestone) for later in the quest as will be explained later.

~ Preparation II: Breaking the Wards ~

While still in the valley you will need to see if the Ward Guardian is alive. To do this head up to the tent* and speak with Ethan Wintermaine at 43.8n 54.9e and learn of the quest and then again to learn the status of the Ward Guardian. If the Guardian is dead you can skip this section if not then continue below.

In the western corner of the valley is a hive mound leading down (You can jump into it from the cliffs). Head in and stick left (Ignoring the up ramp) until you head down the ramp that’s just after the up ramp you ignored; from there stick to the Right and you’ll soon a large open sloping room where you will continue to Stick right through to an exit passage where, after, you will stick to the right until you reach the Ward Guardian’s lair at the end. Some warnings: Any Olthoi with wings (Lancers for example) can, and will, dispel your buffs, so proceed quickly and with caution. The Ward Guardian is hollow and of the Sentinel species but with more health so beware of that. This can be done solo by using the two Warriors before the open room as a wall in the tunnels to prevent the Ward Guardian from reaching you, otherwise go in with armour that can deal with harsh hollow damage and take it down along with its progeny (Kill the Lancer first in all cases). Once dead, the Deeper Catacombs portal in the Black Death Catacombs** and thereby the Queen Quest will be open for 6 hours.

*This quest can be a good spot for chipping away at the Grub and Nymph Kill Tasks assigned by the NPC’s inside the tent overlooking the Paradox Valley. So speak to them while you’re at the tent.

** The Black Death Catacombs (60.0n 71.0e) is the second portal tie the leader should have handy. You can get there via the Olthoi Lands Portal Device or by the Jeweled Thorn Estates portal (32.9N 59.4E) in Arwic.

Note: As in the Ward Guardian Dungeon, any Olthoi with wings can dispel your buffs wholly on this quest.

~ The Queen’s Progeny I: Black Death Catacombs ~

In the hives of the original Olthoi Queen on Dereth lies Aerbax’s Prodigal Olthoi Queen. From the drop, head down the tunnels and turn Left once you exit them; continue South and slay the Olthoi (Along with the Paradox Olthoi from the Southern alcove) to reach the Deeper Catacombs Portal but before you go in, loot Directives, a piece of lore, off one of the bodies of the fallen Tanada (Optional) then head on in.

~ The Queen’s Progeny II: Deeper Catacombs ~

From the drop simply stick to the Left through passages and an acid pit and keep going until you after you go down a long ramp after the acid pit. From here you will simply IGNORE the first right (Leads back to the pit) then stick to the Right until you pass through another acid pit where, afterwards, you will stick to the Left once again to reach the Sealed Passage where you will also find many Paradox-touched Eggs which you can take (Optional). Give your Coruscating Scent Gland to the Sealed Passage to access the next section for the next two hours.

~ The Queen’s Progeny III: Sealed Passage ~

From the drop head out and take a Left at the 4-way intersection followed by a Right at the upcoming fork. Stick to the Right until you reach an open cavern where you will need to take the Northeast exit in order to proceed. Continue onward through the tunnels until you reach a larger open cavern where the correct exit lies by following the room Eastward then down South to the correct exit (Shrouded in black mist). From here stick to the Right wall perfectly past a catwalk over an acid pit through the tunnels to reach a pit that you must jump down into. It would be wise to rebuff here and then jump down into the final section.

~ The Queen’s Progeny IV: Lair of the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen ~

Do not move forward from the drop so you do not rouse the Queen. Have your melees make a wall starting from the Right wall of the embankment you’re on and have your mages and archers go to the back Right corner. The queen can be vulned and rebuffed but she will dispel from time to time, she also deals hollow damage with high powered acid vulns and war spells so make sure to keep the wall of melees alive. When the queen goes down make sure the one to get the kill loots first, out of respect, to ensure they get the Head (Unless you have a system for who gets it). Make sure everyone also grabs a Carapace Fragment (Including the killer).

If someone dies, they will need to get to a hive that leads to directly to the lair. This hive-mound resides at 44.5n 57.0e and is closest to the Olthoi Tunnels or the Lifestone you should have already tied to earlier when gathering glands (Or when the leader summoned the Tunnels to kill the Ward Guardian). The hive-mound is easy to navigate and very short. You will hit a door that can only be opened by the lever (Olthoi Cistern) in the far Right corner where the Paradox Queen spawns so have your group inside send a melee out to activate the lever for you to get back into the lair.

~ Rewards ~

If you have taken the Directive lore then Meshenq in Zaikhal (13.8n 0.6e) will reward you for it with xp. If you have taken the egg then Adrian Swiftblade at the tent overlooking the Paradox Valley (43.8n 54.9e) will reward you in further xp. If you finished the Kill Tasks then feel free to speak with the NPC’s inside the tent to receive their xp rewards as well. Ethan Wintermaine will accept the Carapaces and reward you with more XP and a token that can be used to make the Paradox-Olthoi Weapons (including a war wand and life wand) and the Paradox-Olthoi Shield.

If you have no use for the above items then hand the token back in for more xp. Whoever has the head can turn it in for more xp, the Paradox-touched Queenslayer title, and Head of the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen to be hooked on the wall of your house. For those that want the item rewards you must head down into Paradox Valley one last time and into the hive-mound furthest away and to the Left of the tent. Head on in and stick to the right to reach the NPC Olthoi Crafters, each of them wielding the item they craft. Turn in your token to the appropriate Crafter for your reward. The weapons have Olthoi Slayer and have cleaving properties similar to rended weapons as well as casting a bludgeon war spell on strike with Biting Strike.

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