The Scroll that Ulgrim Canít Recall (Ulgrim's Recall)

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The Scroll that Ulgrim Canít Recall (Ulgrim's Recall)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:21 pm

~ The Scroll that Ulgrim Canít Recall ~

Timer - None
Reward - Ulgrimís Recall Scroll
NPC to start - Ulgrim the Unpleasant (Outside the Pub in Ayan Baqur)
Weapons - Acid
Type - Task
Reqs- None

Shallows Devourers have taken Ulgrimís really really good spell! Head on out to the Vesayan Archipelago or the southern coasts of mainland Dereth to find these creatures. The drop rate on Ulgrimís Scroll is rare, very rare. If you dine one, you can bring it to Ulgrim to get Ulgrimís Recall Scroll which can be used to learn Ulgrimís Recall which, as the name suggests, teleports you to where Ulgrim is: the bar in Ayan Baqur.

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