The Trail of Martine (Virindi Slayer Weapons)

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The Trail of Martine (Virindi Slayer Weapons)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Fri May 30, 2008 10:00 am

The Trail of Martine

Timer: 24 Hours
Rewards: Virindi Slayer weapons or Diamond Scarabs and Lore
Weapons: Fire, Cold, Virindi Slayer and Tusker Slayer
Difficulty: Medium
Quest Type: Task
Restrictions: 1+ and an SIK key for the weapon or scarabs, 25+ and lock pick the upgrades

Sir Candeth Martine’s tragic tale of captive to tortured to a redeemed fallen hero is well known by many and if you wish you can travel to many of the places this poor soul has been in order to gain weapons that carry Martine’s hatred of the Virindi within them. This quest can be very frustrating or surprisingly easy based on how long it takes for you to track down a Tattered Virindi Cloak. The cloak can only be found on a Mosswart Mire-Witch under the following conditions:

1 - On the mainland of Dearth (Not the Vesayan Islands)
2 - In a pod of five
3 - The pod must be purely Mire-Witches

My personal favourite route to go is to start from Kara and head toward the Southern coast through the swamps then follow the coast Westward and, if need be, into the swamps of Waijhou. This step is only necessary if you want a Virindi Slayer weapon, if you do not then feel free to skip the above section.

Both groups (those who want the weapons and those who want the scarabs) will need to grab an SIK key head to A Mosswart Hideout at 72.8s 90.7e near Macniall’s Freehold. From the drop you will navigate through Mosswart-infested halls by taking the East exit then sticking to the Right wall. Down until you hit a large open room with a variety of Tuskers, Drudges, Shadows, and Hollows and possibly a Greivver. This room contains three SIK chests with your target being the lone chest to the West. Loot the Virindi Essence and the lore (Loot the chest fully and do not drop any items until everyone has looted please). Another piece of lore lies on the ground nearby for those interested.

Now you must head to Zaikhal and the Moss Chamber at 14.1n 0.7w. From the drop you will head toward the East and jump down into the pit (Or take the small passage down from the East wall). Clear the spawns and take Northeast passage and stick to the Right wall until you reach a large open room with a Mosswart named Gragghk. This moss wart drops a piece of lore as well as a Torn Mosswart Shroud which is needed for those wanting the Diamond Scarabs reward but otherwise is useless for those who want the weapons. Head into the portal in the South to reach the rewards chamber. Within lie many NPC Virindi and Hollow Minions. Use your Virindi Essence on the Mosswart shroud for the scarabs or the Virindi cloak for the weapons. The Broken Virindi will give you some more lore and is also the place to turn in your Glowing Mosswart Shroud for the scarab reward. ID or speak to the other NPC’s to find out who gives what for the weapons in exchange for the Glowing Virindi Cloak. These weapons will be destroyed on death but that will be fixed in the next step.

You must be 25+ to upgrade the weapon and give it a fuchsia colouring and prevent it from being destroyed on death. You must head to the Black Dominion at 88.6s 25.9w. A route there lies by taking the South Direlands portal (62.2s 77.1e) out of Mayoi (another one is outside Candeth Keep at 88.5s 66.8w). Once you get there be prepared to fight Drudges, Minions, Wisps, and Virindi. From the drop head down the ramp ahead of you and jump down into another room. Head East until you hit the wall then turn South until you hit another wall with a locked door lying in the East at the end of another passage. Pick it and head North through the hall to reach a large open chamber with many spawns and a pit. Clear the spawns and jump down into the pit (or vice versa) and take the East exit then take the immediate Left turn into a large open room to jump down to. From here take the exit to the South and jump along the small circular rooms to the final large open room where the Virindi Castaway resides. Hand him your Blue weapon to receive the Fuchsia Bound weapon.

For those who want to turn the weapon green and give it a bit of a stats boost you will need to head to Marae Lassel and then to the Martinate Holding at 59.5n 77.0w, a way to cut down on the journey is by taking the Northern Ahurenga Plains portal from Redspire at 41.0n 83.6w; Within lies more Tuskers and Virindi. From the drop head through the halls and up the ramps until the halls turn West were you will need to jump over, or stick to the wall around, a Dispel trap that lies right before the corner when the West hall turns Southwest.. Once you’re past that continue on by sticking to the Left wall (A Mana Blight trap lies at the end of the ramp leading up after the fourth open room) to the Executor Assistant NPC who will give you another piece of lore as well as the Green version of the weapon in exchange for the Fuchsia version.

You can further upgrade this weapon one more time by using a Weapon Upgrade Kit on your weapon. Purchase a Weapon Upgrade Kit Gem at the vendors at Graveyard, Colosseum, Paradox Valley, or the Gear Knight Invasion Area then use the gem to make the kit and, finally, use the kit on the weapon.

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