Memories of Menilesh

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Memories of Menilesh

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:17 am

~ Memories of Menilesh ~
Timer - 13 days
Reward - XP, GY coin, Ornate Bone Key, Misc Top Tier Loot and Visage of Menilesh
NPC to start - Lacarra Avanthi (Radiant Blood) at 61.8s 51.3w or Zho Heishan (Celestial Hand) at 61.9s 51.4w (Wai Jhou)
Weapons - Fire, Undead-Slayer
Type - Task or Boss Fight
Reqs - 150+

This quest is more of a continuation of the Divided by Factions quest in that you get to “help” the societies without joining one (Or having to be 180+). The members of Radiant Blood and Celestial Hand require Rytheran’s mnemosyne about the events that led to the Ley-Lines’ initial disruptions. Those who support the Eldrytch Web will also be able to help Rytheran by doing this quest. After speaking to one or the other of the flagging NPC’s (Speaking to one will exclude you from the other for 13 days) head out to the Graveyard and into the Gardens of Menilesh dungeon at 64.7s 43.8w.

Once inside you’ll find yourself face to face with Lord Rytheran and six of his Menilesh Guards. This is where you can make a choice: Kill him or Speak to him. If you decide to kill him, the guards become active and, on death, the a treasure pile signifying his corpse spawns on the ground, Lady Aerfalle will portal in to carry Lord Rytheran back to her keep and you’ll have to wait 7 minutes for him to respawn. On his corpse are 10 keys that are used on either of the two chests behind his throne. Each contains a GY coin, Ornate Bone Key, the Mnemosyne, and Visage along with misc. top tier loot.

The quicker method is to speak to him to learn of the task you’ll have to do, namely to grab the Ring of Remembrance (A token of affection from Lady Aerfalle) and bring it back to him while avoiding the blight-maddened Denizens of Menilesh. From the drop, take the exit out of the room (NW corner) and head through until you come to a room with a Stange Pillar (Do NOT activate it).

From here, simply head West into a room with a ramp to climb up. Take the South exit from this room and stick to the left to reach a large open room that happens to hold the only tree in this ruined garden not touched by blight, fittingly enough the Ring of Remembrance spawns beside it. Once everyone has a ring you can run back and hand it in to Lord Rytheran for the mnemosyne and the mask.

No matter how you procured the Mnemosyne, hand it back in to the respective NPC in Wai Jhou for xp. You may hand the mask in as well for additional xp.

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