Harlune’s Diplomacy

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Harlune’s Diplomacy

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:41 am

~ Harlune’s Diplomacy ~
Timer - 13 days
Reward - XP and the Expendable title (First run through) and the Hard to Kill title (Subsequent runs)
NPC to start - Roderick (Mite Maze, near the vendor in Harlune’s Redoubt)
Weapons - Fire, Cold, Peirce, Undead-Slayer, Ghost-Slayer, Burun Slayer, and Human Slayer
Type - Task
Reqs - 180+

After speaking with Roderick to get a Diplomatic Message from Harlune you will need to head to Bur then to the Southern Catacombs. From the drop stick right into the large open room then stick to the left into another tunnel where you will resume sticking to the right to access The Rock that, once used, will portal you into the Upper Falatacot Catacombs (You must speak to Scout Leader Tmauruk to use The Rock).

From her you will run through until you reach a T; take a right and follow the hallway until it turns left then follow it along until you face the East wall. The door you need to open will be the 4th from the Southern end of the hall. The statue therein will teleport you to the Falatacot Visitor’s Alcove. From the drop you will take a right at the first intersection and take the second door you reach (ignore the first one). From here it’s straight forward you will reach a large empty room that may or may not spawn a host of Rytheran’s Undead. (Presumably here to commune with the falatacot) After killing the guards, or wating about 4 minutes, the statue will notify everyone it can be used and it will teleport you into a section that will also have a large empty room with Nuhmudira’s Blood Priestesses (Here for the same reason as the undead). Once they are dead simply wait for the statue to notify you that it’s ready.

The final section will end in a room with a Falatacot Herald. Speak to him to “give” your message and he will disappear spawning a host of undead, burun, sclavus, and ghosts to fight you. One of the Falatacot Blood Prophetesses will drop 3 trinkets (You only need one). It is not necessary for everyone to hand in their message, so long as everyone has one of these trinkets. Take the trinket back to Roderick for your rewards from an apparently surprised Roderick.

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