Jesterís Revelations (K'nath Mother Quest)

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Jesterís Revelations (K'nath Mother Quest)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:03 am

Timer: 13 Days
Weapons: Various
Rewards: Random Jester's Card, lore, xp, Jester's Little Helper title and a 2-pull Mana Forge Key
Requirements: Must have found all 10 markers in the Mhoire Armoury (part of Marbles, Markers, and Mayhem), 160+
Starting NPC: Jester via the Summoning Stone (Northern one at 64.6s 43.9w) in the Graveyard.

Start by talking to the Jester summoned by the North Summoning Stone to receive the first task: Slaying the K'nath Mother and bringing back a piece of the core to him. Head North out of the Upper GY to 63.1s 44.3w to the K'nathtead Excavation area. At the end of the small canyon is the K'nath Mother. Killing her yield 9 piece of her core, each player needs one. Bring it back to the Jester (hand in one at a time) to flag for the second part.

You will now take the core to dungeon involved with the Doubts in the Redoubt quest. In the end of the dungeon you'll find the Master's Lectern that you will give your Core too. It should now be coloured red. Hand it back to the Jester for part 3. make sure the Core is coloured green before the final part.

You will now need to head to the nearby Lost Gardens of Menilesh dungeon involved with the Memories of Menilesh quest. Take the Core and give it to the Strange Pillar that is mentioned in the guide (it's not very far from the drop and is linear to get there). The core should now be prismatic. Hand it back to the Jester for your rewards!

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