Blotting out the Blight II

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Blotting out the Blight II

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:40 pm

~ Blotting out the Blight II ~
Timer - 6 days
Reward - XP and Various “of the Sea” titles
NPC to start - Captain Warner (Bar in Tou Tou at 28.0s 95.5e)
Weapons - Slash or Fire
Type - Boss Fight
Reqs - Various

Below are the titles, boss names, and reqs for the dungeons.

15+ - Redspire - 40.8n 83.0w - Ves the Mad - Novice
35+ - Tou Tou - 28.9s 92.6e - Inkitan the Crazed - Acolyte
55+ - Danby’s Outpost - 22.5n 30.4w - Cloywer the Unstable - Minister
75+ - Beach Fort - 75.1n 49.7w - Despe the Insane - Defender
95+ - Ayan Baqur - 60.9s 89.8w - Siabot the Deranged - Champion
125+ - East watch - 90.7n 43.0w - Lorfine the Unhinged - Master

You must clear the moarsmen inside and outside the forts in order for the portal to the dungeon to spawn.

Once inside, you will head to the first split and take a right to reach an intersection; head left then take a right at the next split and head straight until you go down a double-ramp resulting in another oddly-shaped split: head North and ignore the next 3 side-splits where you’ll then reach another odd split: head South and at the three-way split head straight to the first 8 mini jumps (shift tap twice to make it over). Keep jumping along ignoring any side paths until you finish the 8th one which will bring you to the final large open room with the boss you will need to kill; loot the note and book and bring the note back to Captain Warner for your xp and title.

Note: This Quest is best done in tandem with the first Blotting out the Blight quest.

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