~ Marae Lassel's Eye-Opener ~

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~ Marae Lassel's Eye-Opener ~

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:51 am

~ Marae Lassel's Eye-Opener ~
Timer - 14 days
Reward - XP and the "Plucker of Eyes" title
NPC to start - Tamara du Cinghalle (Greenspire at 43.2N, 67.1W)
Weapons - Slashing
Type - Kill Task
Reqs - 35+

Speak with Tamara then head out onto the Marescent Plateau where, at 51.8N, 72.7W, you'll find a swarm of tendrils to kill. After defeating 50 of them seek out the Eye-covered Tentacle of T'thuun nearby and, once you use it, you'll receive an eye to return to Tamara (This will spawn a host of Sclavi). Bring the eye to Tamara to wrap it up.

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