Mastering the Elements (Fire/Cold/Acid/Lightning/Multi Elemental Slayer)

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Mastering the Elements (Fire/Cold/Acid/Lightning/Multi Elemental Slayer)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Fri May 30, 2008 11:51 am

Mastering the Elements

This guide will be a little bit different and will explain how to acquire the different set of stones that add different Slayer properties to your Perfect Isparian weapon. There are a total of seven stones that may be added to, or removed from with an Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool, these weapons to give them different properties and stats, they are as follows:

Major Smoldering Atlan Stone: Cold Elemental Slayer
Major Shivering Atlan Stone: Fire Elemental Slayer
Major Stinging Atlan Stone: Lightning Elemental Slayer
Major Sparking Atlan Stone: Acid Elemental Slayer
Major Prismatic Atlan Stone: Elemental Slayer*
Heart of the Innocent: Human Slayer
Shadowfire Stone: Shadow Slayer**

*The Elemental Slayer Property only applies to Multi-type Elementals and Harbinger while single-type Elementals like Flammas will not receive any added effect.

**The Shadowfire upgrade is Permanent and can not be undone by an Isparian Weapons Modifying Tool

With the final two stones listed having their own guides I will explain how to gather the others.

Major Smoldering Atlan Stone

Note: Should you fail at any jumps you can recall to try again.

The dungeon here will require cold or slashing weapons. You can head out to the Jahannan’s Vault by taking the Mahara Cottages portal at 5.7n 4.3e out of Al-Jalima then heading to 49.8s 15.0e. From the drop head through the door and take a left then jump down into the pit and clear the spawn then head up the nearby stairs and take them into a little hall where you will stick to the Left and head up a ramp and make yet another left. Continue going up where you will eventually come to a fork; take a Left and continue to a room with an opening in the wall. There is a platform that you must jump on to (½ regular jump will more than suffice). Now you must jump through an opening in the wall to the side of you (tap forward jump to make it). Once there you will continue up to another jump to a platform (½ regular jump) and then you will need to jump to a smaller platform (Tap Shift jump forward) and then to another opening in the wall (Tap forward jump).

Follow the pathways ever upward until you reach a daunting series of four platforms. The lowest one can be reached by doing a full regular jump and then you can scale the following three jumps with Shift Tap jumps forward leading to a ramp down; take it to reach another jump room where you will need to do a ½ Shift jump to make it across. Where you will need to do a Tap jump into the next room to the East.

Now you will continue up past two spiral staircases to another jump room (½ Shift jump followed by a Tap jump forward) leading to another room with a ramp leading down; take it to reach the final jump room. Jump into the pit and take the East door and head through the hallway until you are back in the final jump room. Do a full power jump to the north to land on the catwalk and head West to a pit; jump down it and clear the spawn and lying in the West are some lore and the Atlan Stone of this dungeon. If you’re feeling especially brave there is another piece of lore in the dungeon that you will have to do various jumps to reach (From the final jump room instead of jumping down head back the way you came and at the first small room jump to the North (½ regular jump) and head East until you reach another jump, do a Tap forward jump to the Southwest where you’ll find the lore All lore contained here must be translated by Bretself of Cragstone.

Major Shivering Atlan Stone

Note: Should you fail at any jumps you can recall to try again.

Head to the Serac Vault at 75.9s 29.0e from either Linvak Tukal or Qalaba’r. This dungeon will require fire weapons or Undead slaying weapons. From the drop toward the North East is a bridge that those with a high jump skill should be able to reach with a full shift jump, if you made this jump then skip the rest of this paragraph and if you can’t, then read on. Stick Right until you reach a pit that you will jump down into; from here stick right until you reach another jump. Do a ½-full shift forward jump onto the bridge and head West and stick Left to reach yet another jump to a bridge (½-full shift jump forward). Head south and through the hall to reach the bridge that you couldn’t jump to form the drop.

Head north and clear the entire hallway leading to a lever door. Run back and follow along, killing everything, until you reach a jump. Do a tap shift forward jump to the platform in the South East and pull the lever then do a tap jump to get back into the hall. Run back to the lever door which will now be open and pull the lever that lies there and head back to the jump where you will now do a ½-full regular jump Northeast and through the opened door where you will find some lore and the Atlan Stone of this dungeon.

Major Stinging Atlan Stone

Head to the Incunabula Vault at 23.0s 60.0e by taking the San-Chin Settlement Portal (41.5s 82.1e) out of Hebian-To. You will need bludgeoning, piercing, or Olthoi Slayer weapons here. From the drop take the ramp in the center of the room heading North (Not the South) and head North until you hit a solid wall; turn East and stick to the Left until you reach a large open room. You will need to take the Northeast passage sticking Left through a bridged large open room and through another series of tunnels through yet another large open room until you hit the next large open room with a pit of Olthoi Acid; Jump across (full power regular) to the North and take the Northeast passage to the final room where the Atlan stone of this level lies.

Major Sparking Atlan Stone

Take the Mountain Ridge portal at 27.9n 29.5e from Glenden Wood and run to the Amperehelion Vault at 35.0e 20.0e. You will need Acid, Slashing, or you can use your new Lightning Elemental Slayer weapons here. From the drop head through the door and North to a pit; jump down and head South sickign to the Left to the second large open room you’ll reach. From this room take the North Passage and follow it to the next room where you’ll need to go into the passage on the West wall and stick left thorugh a series of halls leading to another large room where you will be continuing following the Left into another set of halls until you reach a T intersection. Head East until you hit a solid wall and then turn South and stick to the Left wall to reach a multi-leveled large open pit where, at the bottom, lies the Atlan stone of this dungeon.

Major Prismatic Stone

You will need a Carved Singularity Key (Purple) and an Intricate Carving Tool (No Lock Pick skill needed for this quest though). You will head to Martine’s Retreat in Rithwic at 10.6n 58.3e and seek out Josef who will give you Gaerlan’s Key in exchange for the Singularity one (From the drop simply head West). Now with this new key head back to the drop and head South into the large room and take the exit on the Right and down the ramp to the South and stick to the Right following the path to a seemingly deep pit. This pit is actually a transparent floor with a fake wall to the East you will need to jump through (½ regular jump) to reach Gaerlan’s room which houses his journal and a Singularity Chest which houses a horde of Unfashioned Prismatic Stones. Loot one and use the Intricate Carving Tool on it (No skill check but the tool will be destroyed) to receive the final stone needed.

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