~ The Cathedral of Ithaenc ~ (Sanc Recall)

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~ The Cathedral of Ithaenc ~ (Sanc Recall)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:54 am

~ The Cathedral of Ithaenc ~

Timer - 3 weeks (Only 1 Recall Orb per player ever)
Reward – Recall the Sanctuary, Healer’s Heart, and Lore
NPC to start - None
Weapons – Slashing
Type - Task
Reqs- Lock pick
This is usually the first recall people quest for and easily opens up the Vesayan Archipelago which hosts a few quests of interest so this recall makes getting to those quests a lot easier and the orb you also receive is a mainstay for group healing making this quest quite worth your while.
First pick up an Invitation Ithaenc Cathedral gem from the Wedding Planner who can be found in many of the Arcanum’s Agent buildings (like the one in Holtburg). Pop the gem and you’ll find yourself on the isle of Ithaenc where you’ll see the ruined cathedral.
Run to it (82.4e 93.4e) via the cliffs (don’t jump down into the water) and go up the flight of stairs to the back platform and use the ramp way to go up another level. Now you’ll come to the first “challenge” of the quest: jumping into the interior of the third level. You can do this by facing the window and jumping through it though your success will vary by your jumping skill (both the number and your own ability) so if you’d rather it be easy then do a full running jump into the wall on either side of the window to land on the ledge that juts out slightly (This is preferable for people with low jump skills). Head outside of the room to the Catacombs of Ithaenc portal that you can jump to by doing a full jump toward it or, for the smaller characters, doing a full jump from the ledge you landed on previously (you can follow the ledge toward the portal instead of entering the interior).
Once inside you will need to stick to the Right-side down five ramps and in that lowest level you’ll find a right door (turn right after the final ramp and it’ll be on your left). Unlock it and run down to pull the first lever. You will now need to hurry back through the door you opened to the beginning of the ramp and go up for levels (stick to the Left) and head to the South end of the level where you will find a now opened door to head in through and take the ramp down inside and stick right to reach a small enclosed structure housing two levers. Pull the Eastern lever (the Western lever opens the door you just went through and is the same as the first lever you pulled) and head back out, up the ramp, and through the door and head to the North side of the level where you’ll find another door now opened to go through. Take the ramp inside down and stick to the Left to a locked door you need to open then jump down into a large, open area and follow the tunnel into a room full of moarsmen; one of which will drop a key. Once everyone has a key, take the west passage to a portal that’ll return you back to the third level of Ithaenc’s Cathedral and go into the interior (which was actually Lady Adja’s room) and open the chest with your key to get some lore, the Healer’s Heart, and the Recall the Sanctuary spell which brings you to the first level of the cathedral.

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