Winter Scavenger Hunt

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Winter Scavenger Hunt

Post by Taomagicdragon on Wed Dec 24, 2008 3:37 pm

~Winter Scavenger Hunt ~
Timer: Seasonal
Reqs: None
Weapons: None
Type: Task
Rewards: Gifted and Seasonal Seeker titles, Pet Polar Ursuin, and 12 rewards that are all random and can be a Colosseum Coin, Ancient Mhoire Coin, Small Olthoi Venom Sac, Grand Casino Key (for use in the heritage casinos' Grand Casino Chest), or a Mana Forge Key (for use in the Mana Forges in each of the capital cities).

Dotted along the landscape and inside buildings are numerous Gift Boxes that, once used, will offer a variety of rewards. Find all 12 and you will have earned two titles and a pet polar ursuin!

Box 1:
Neydisa Castle - 69.7N 17.6E
`Third Floor of the Living Quarters of the castle.
`Portal to Neydisa Castle is found by the Holtburg Lifestone.

Box 2:
Obsidian Span - 34.6N 41.2E
`Run from Holtburg.

Box 3:
Rithwic - 16.4N 53.6E
`Will be on a small snowy isle.

Box 4:
Middle of Dereth - 0.0 0.0
`By the Mage shop in Holtburg is an Arwic portal, take it then head right and follow the city walls to an Al-Jalima portal, then head to Midsong Cottages Settlement portal at 5.7N 4.3E and run to the coordinates
Box 5:
Empyrean Lighhouse - 26.4S 97.0E
`From Arwic turn left and follow the city walls to a Tou Tou portal (upon the crest of the black Spire Crater) and run to the coordinates.

Box 6:
Xarabydun - 41.9S 16.1E
`From Yaraq head into the portal bunker behind the Arcanum's shoppe and, from the drop, head into the tunnel and stick right to the present.

Box 7:
Linvak Tukal -77.8S 27.9E
`From Yaraq go further past the Xarabydun portal bunker and you'll see the Linvak Tukal portal bunker, go in and head into the south wall of the city (will need to go up a ramp on the south side). Once inside you will go up a ramp and will be able to cross onto a walkway about halfway up the ramp on your left (if you end up on top of the wall, you went to far). Present is at the end of the walkway.

Box 8:
Plateau Village - 44.3N 43.4W
`Located on the second floor of a house.
`From Yaraq head beyond the Linvak Tukal portal and you will find another portal bunker to Khayyaban. From the drop head straight and you'll fine the Oriel Residential Halls portal, go in and head up the ramp behind you at the drop and into the Plateau portal.

Box 9:
Swamp Temple - 23.4S, 47.9E
`Located in a bunker, head down the stairs, turn right into another flight of stairs, turn right into an open room where you'll see a flight of stairs leading up; go up them and beyond a false wall nearby is the present.
`From Shoushi take the portal bunker to the east housin the Yanshi portal. From Yanshi head to the Swamp Temple Place settlement portal at 10.3S 45.7E then run to the coordinates of the bunker.

Box 10:
Ulgrim's Isle - 94.8S 9.7W
`Inside the cottage, under the stairs.
`You will need to purchase Sake and Wah Chon's Winter Lager from the barkeep, Wah Chon, in Nanto (Nanto is found in the portal bunker north of the drop in Shoushi).
`Head to Ayan Baqur and give the Sake to Ulgrim the Unpleasant (In front of the pub) and he will summon a portal that you will go into.
`From this drop give the Drunken Madman your Wah Chon's Winter Lager and he will summon a portal to Ulgrim's Isle.

Box 11:
Frost Haven - 68.6S 26.0E
`Take the Citadels Portal Device at the mansion until you reach the Ridge Citadels (ID the portal at the drop) then run to the coordinates or, if you wish, run to the Qalaba'r Oasis Settlement portal at 74.8S 17.8E outside of Qalaba'r (Qalaba'r is found at the south side end of the Subway/Hub portal array).

Box 12:
Igloo - 73.8N 13.7W
`From Qalaba'r head to the Azaroth Cottages settlement portal near 74.8S 17.8E and run to the Stonehold portal at 85.8N 27.6W the run to the coordinates.
`Umbral Halls drop (North exit) also has a Stonehold portal (30+ to enter).
`This run is the most difficult but easily done by characters over level 50 with buffs.

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