Fortifying the Tower Guardian (Shield of Perfect Light)

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Fortifying the Tower Guardian (Shield of Perfect Light)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:54 pm

Title: Fortifying the Tower Gaurdian
Level: None but 140+ to wield the shield
Type: Solo
Weapons needed: Various
Rewards: Shield of Perfect Light, xp, Tower Guardian Architect title, and Pack Tower Guardian

Speak with Asheron's Servant, residing in the white tower of Asheron's Castle. To get to the castle start from Eastham and head to 17.9n, 64.3e (portal to Asheron's Island); from there take the conveyance device in front of you to Asheron's Castle. On a nearby table lies a note from Asheron:

~Motes and Crystals needed for the Golem Construction~

These are the resources I need to build the golem to protect my castle. I've assigned a basic point system for each resource that correlates to its value to the construction. I will reward those who help me by turning in (50), (100) and (200) points worth of resources.

Pyreal Mote (1)
Pyreal Sliver (2)
Pyreal Nugget (4)
Pyreal Bar ( 8 )
Pyreal Ingot (16)
Quality Pyreal Ingot (20)
Imprinting Mote (2)
Quality Imprinting Mote (4)
Superb Imprinting Mote (6)

Cracked Shard (5)
Tiny Shard (10)
Small Shard (20)
Crystal Fragment (40)
Scored Shard (2)
Seared Shard (2)
Chilled Shard (2)
Plated Shard (2)
Hardened Shard (2)
Brilliant Shard (2)
Solid Shard (2)
Charged Shard (2)
-Collector Golem

At 50 points you receive the title and xp, at 100 you receive another xp boost with a pack doll, and at 200 you receive yet another boon of xp with your shield. The shield has a static Magic Absorbing property of 10% (some have said 15%) meaning any projectile (war/life bolts) spells that hit you will do 10% less damage while wielding it.

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