The Return of Isin Dule (Shield of Isin Dule)

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The Return of Isin Dule (Shield of Isin Dule)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:29 pm

Timer 13 day timer
Rewards: Shield of Isin Dule or xp, lore
Quest Type: Boss Fight
Weapons: Fire and Shadow Slayer
Restrictions: 50+, access to Caul

This quest takes you to the top of Isin Dule’s shadowspire. From Caul’s drop, head to 91.7s 92.7w where you’ll find the shadowspire and a number of shadow spawn beneath it. This quest has three sequential parts.

Part I – Accessing the Spire

You will need to clear 3 waves of spawn in order to spawn a portal beneath the spire that leads into the spire itself. The wave you initially see may be random and you must defeat all three waves within 5 minutes to spawn the portal, if you cannot then the waves will repeat until 3 are cleared within the 5 minute period. The following are what consists of all three waves; they will spawn in this order.

Wave 1 – Shadow Nightmares and Twisted Shadows
Wave 2 – Same as above but with Void Knights and Wretcheds thrown in
Wave 3 – A trio of bosses: Lieutenant Beraxis, Lieutenant Shenza, and Lieutenant Yezusthule. They will counter-buff to vulns.

When the portal spawns, take it and you’ll enter part 2.

Part II – Ascending the Spire

This is fairly straight-forward. The spire is a spiraling bone staircase with numerous shadows belonging to waves 1 and 2 of the previous part lining the way up. As you get closer to the top, Umbral and Penumbral Knights will show up and they will counterbuff. When you get to the top you’ll see Captain Faalx, another boss who will counterbuff. When he dies he summons a portal on the roof that takes you to the top chamber of the spire. I recommend running to the top and focusing on the captain, healing off the damage of anything that came up with you, though clearing the top then going after the boss works if you have a group.

Part III – Assaulting the Shadow Cyst

The Shadow Cyst will not move from her spawning-point but will cast spells on you including Black Madness which is a 60 second creature debuff that lowers all of your skills by 30%. When attacked, she’ll spawn a number of shadows and will spawn more around half health, and more around 20% health. These shadows are mostly from waves 1 and 2 of part 1 but Knights also spawn, as well as an Isin Dule’s Captain which will counterbuff. Speaking of which, the Cyst will counterbuff like every other boss so far. When she’s defeated, loot one of the ten Boney Lumps of Flesh and use it to open up The Fleshy Trove at the Eastern end of the chamber to pick up your shield, some loot, and a Fleshy Lump that you can have translated by Bretself in Cragstone to read about the plans of Isin Dule after his return to Dereth. The shield has a static Magic Absorbing property of 10% (some have said 15%) meaning any projectile (war/life bolts) spells that hit you will do 10% less damage while wielding it. The shield can also be turned in to Sarkin Killcrane of Wai Jhou for a small amount of xp.

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