Ranger of House Mhoire

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Ranger of House Mhoire

Post by Taomagicdragon on Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:29 pm

~ Lord of House Mhoire ~
Timer - None
Reward - 1-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins via Sealed Vault chest pull, 1 Mana Forge Key (13 day timer on this) and the Warden of the Burning Wood Title
NPC to start - None
Weapons - Lightning
Type - Epic Boss fight
Reqs - None (Lv 180+ rec,)

Randomly, a Corrupted Pyre Oak may spawn in the Burning Wood during night time with numerous Corrupted Pyre Sparks scattered around it (they can and will quickly kill people so be careful). Defeat the Golem and Ranger Lord Grymar Mhoire will appear. Speak to him to receive your title and a key (only hands out 10) used on the nearby Burnt and Twisted Stump at 66.3s 44.8w. You will find 2-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins and an orb-looking token redeemable for a Mana Forge Key at any Arcanum Mana Smith (beside the Mana Forge Chests) (13 day timer for this).

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