Mudmouth’s Last Gambit (Tusker Slayer: wand only)

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Mudmouth’s Last Gambit (Tusker Slayer: wand only)

Post by Taomagicdragon on Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:05 pm

~Mudmouth’s Last Gambit~

Weapons: Tusker Slayer, Shadow Slayer, Fire (Recommend Shadowfire wand on Mudmouth and Imps with level 8 Fire vuln for Mudmouth, Tusker Paw Wand on Dark Bobo)
Reqs: 130+
Rewards: 50 million xp, Prodigal Tusker Slayer Title, Tusker Paw Wand (Tusker Slayer) or Tusker Bone Sword or Tusker Skull Helm or up to 200 million xp.
Timer: 13 days

This quest is best started out from the Alphus Lassel drop from the Dangerous Portal Device at your local mansion otherwise you have a long way to run. The cave you need to reach is at 14.9s 86.0e. When you reach it head down to a portal flanked by Dark Tusker Shrines, the portal is recallable. Head in and go through the dungeon, it’s short and linear with the only precaution being a spawn trap in front of the surface portal you’ll come to (simply jump over or stick to the right wall to avoid triggering it). After a ramp down you’ll find an open room with Mudmouth and Dark Bobo. It is advisable to lure Mudmouth into the hall way and deal with him first (Dark Bobo constantly respawns). Mudmouth deals multiple boss level spells and can dispel himself and others as well as debuff wands. He will also summon Imps, shadows similar looking to tusker gunners with hollow damage, they cast Dark Vortex on death dealing damage to those around its death-spot. When Mudmouth is defeated he’ll drop multiple Dark Tusker Paws.

Your next target is Dark Bobo. He can deal hollow damage so be wary. When he’s down loot a Prodigal Tusker’s Token. Head out the exit portal and use the Dark Tusker Shrine (both are identical) to purchase a tusker-slayer wand, a helm with major melee def, or a niche-use sword (using the paw that Mudmouth drops as currency). Head to Jilna Fullgood (Alphus Lassel Recall/Gem drop, she’s up on a nearby balcony at 2.0n 95.6e) and give her the token for xp and a title. You may turn in the item you bought from the shrine for an additional xp reward %-based capping at 200 million.

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