Under the Castle of House Mhoire

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Under the Castle of House Mhoire

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:08 pm

~Under the Castle of House Mhoire~
Reqs: 50+
Weapons: None
Rewards: 35 million xp and 2 Adventurer Tokens
Difficulty: Easy
Timer: 23 Hours

Speak to Sharia Blackmist at 65.3w 43.3w (on top of the Arcanum Lookout: 50+ to enter) to receive a Crystal of Spectral Blood and a Skull of One Thousand Souls. Head out to the area under Mhoire Castle at 65.0s 45.3w (from the North exit of Upper GY, turn West and follow the base of the Cliffs to reach a flattened area with patches of scorched earth). You will need to move through this area slowly while using the Crystal of Spectral Blood (3 second timer). When you are near a hidden ghost you’ll receive a message that your crystal is turning red:

The jewel swirls with a blood red color.

And when you are next to one you’ll receive a message of “whispering”:

The jewel swirls with a blood red color.
You hear a faint whisper saying "A spirit is close now. I can taste it."

This is when you use your skull (10 second timer) to kill the hidden ghost and pick up a Spectral Heart where it died:

A resonant voice cries out in anguish.

If you don't see a heart on the ground you may need to move a bit closer, use the crystal to make sure you're not moving further away as you search Collect 3 hearts and return to Sharia. Pass her a heart to receive your rewards, she will also take back the crystal and skull.

Note: The ghosts respawn every 3 minutes, roughly, and appear to be in static areas, one such area is around 64.8s 45.6w so you can camp the spawn. This doesn't mean that one will always be around here, just to show that if one is at a certain place it will keep respawning there at least until the landblock is no longer active.

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