Jester's Cards

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Jester's Cards

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:13 pm

Jester's Cards
Timer: None
Level: None
Weapons: Various (Lightning for rats, Bludgeoning for Skeletons, Acid/Fire for Undead)

You must collect a full deck (Ace through King) of Hands or Eyes by gather Jester’s Cards off of various spawn in the GY and as rewards for many GY quests. When you have a deck completed (use 2 on A, then 3 on the combined stack, etc) use the Summoning Stone in Lower GY at 65.8s 43.8w and hand him over a completed deck for an attuned version that will cast a 10 minute buff +15 buff to Coordination (hands) or Focus (eyes). When you use one deck you cannot use any other deck for 60 minutes (must be logged in for the timer to count down). These cantrips stack with every buff and are very useful. In addition to the A through K cards of a deck you may find a wild card “The Jester” which can count as any card for a deck; you may also find a Jester’s Token which you can give to a casino owner for the ability to swap one card for another with a High-Stakes Gambling NPC, the result is random.

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