Black Market Writ

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Black Market Writ

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:25 pm

Black Market Writ
Timer: 27 days (on collecting the writ, not using it meaning you can stockpile these and use them at one time)
Weapons: Acid or Bludgeoning
Rewards: Society Armor Writ (does not trigger the usual 3 day writ-timer nor interfere with it in anyway)
Reqs: 180+, Must be in a Society, Must have access to a Black Market

You must collect 20 Exhumed Bones by destroying Exhumed Bone Piles and looting the bones from them. These spawn around the landscape of GY as well as in bunkers:

1 in Upper GY (where the Jailer resides, 4 piles spawn within)
1 in Lower GY (where the Smith resides (and where you recall to), 2 piles spawn within)
1 in the Burning Wood (2 piles spawn within).

The piles are on a rough 5 minute spawn timer and disappear at Dawnsong. Bring these 20 bones to either of the Black Market Writ Finanglers to receive a society armour writ (does not trigger the 3 day timer of normal society armour writs and can be turned in regardless of when you last turned one in).

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