Killing in the Rain

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Killing in the Rain

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:02 pm

Killing in the Rain
Level: None
Weapons: Fire/Shadow Slayer
Rewards: 3 points into your Magic Defense Skill (up to roughly 940 million xp if it's the final 3 points of skill)
Timer: Once only.

This quest is more a matter of being tedious than difficult, you basically need to search the area of, and those surrounding, the Obsidian Plains for a monster called the Dark Inferno. It's a shadow that has a rough 1/3 chance of dropping a Scroll of Dark Rain (can also drop Dark Shards). Once you have a scroll simply head to Hebian-to and see Fanzen San the Translator at 39.2s 81.6e. Hand him the scroll for 3 points of Magic Defense (If he skill is maxed you will receive no reward and if you have less than 3 points you will still receive enough to max the skill). This leads to the main purpose for this quest: Getting your Magic Defense skill to the point is require roughly 279 million to raise. At this point you get the biggest bang for your buck by maxing the skill saving you about 940 million xp, higher leveled players can retrain their skill and raise it to the 279 million mark before handing in the scroll in order to effectively gain 940 million xp.

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