Into the Breach!

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Into the Breach!

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:32 pm

Into the Breach!

Timer: 13 days
Rewards: % XP and Knight of the Golden Flame title
Weapons: Fire, Shadow-slayer, Piercing, Mukkir slayer
Difficulty: Medium
Quest Type: Boss fight
Restrictions: 100+

The citizens of Arwic are still on their guard wary for an attack at anytime from the Shadow Breach that has opened in the old spire crater where the town was once destroyed. In order to provide a period of respite youíll have to go in and take down the Shadow Vortex.

Along the Northern side of Arwicís fortified walls lies the Shadow Breach at 34.0n 56.5e. Inside this crater are mukkir and shadow of various types but among them is Makkar, one of the generals of Grael.

~ Boss ~
Name: Makkar
Weak to: Piercing/Mukkir Slayer
Drops: Amulet of Dark Rage
Cohorts: Wretcheds and Twisted Shadows (Shadows) and Barbaric Panumbral Mukkir (Mukkir)
Uses: Slashing and Acid damage with slashing and acid spells with vulns to match.

Itís best to lure him our of the crater and, separated from his thrall, make short work of him.

Makkar says, "Your presence here was anticipated. You have proven a suitable vessel for his rage. Enter the Breach! Your only future is as a follower of our great Lord."

Pick up one of the many Amulets of Dark Rage and put it on in order to enter the Shadow Breach.

You feel rage suffuse your being.

You must jump into the pit and use the portal (black on black with bright pink waves of energy radiating outwards) like you would a summoned portal.

~ Shadow Breach ~
Coords: 34.0n 56.5e
Nearest Drop: Arwic
Level: 100+
Spawns: Twisted Shadows, Wretcheds, and Void Knights (Shadows). Mukkir Sadists, Soldier Mukkir, Barbaric Mukkir, Vile Mukkir, Fanatical Mukkir, and Coruscating Mukkir (Mukkir).
Flagging: Must be wearing the Amulet of Dark Rage
Weapons: Fire, Shadow-slayer, Piercing, Mukkir slayer

From the drop clear off the shadowy welcome party. If you lag out or log off in this dungeon you will not be able to log back in here so be aware of that (you can re-enter and run through though). You can take off your amulets now and put back on your usual wares.

You begin to feel more like your normal self.

You will immediately come to a split, take the right passage and fight through the mukkir. Keep right and youíll come to a large open room with mukkir guarding the Shadow Vortex. A smart way to fight would be to lure the mukkir off of the large black central platform so that they will fall below. This will allow you to stage a direct assault on the Shadow Vortex.

~ Boss ~
Name: Shadow Vortex
Weak to: Fire/Shadow Slayer
Drops: Summons a portal on death you need to take.
Cohorts: Barbaric Mukkir, Vile Mukkir, Fanatical Mukkir, and Coruscating Mukkir (Mukkir).
Uses: Piercing and Bludgeoning damage with Cold/Slash/Pierce war spells with vulns to match

Using wall spells and arrows from the passage tend to be a favourite way of handling it though if the mukkir have all fallen below you can engage it with melee weapons. Take it down and a portal will be summoned at the south exit. Take it to flag yourself for the rewards.

The Shadow Vortex dissipates in a howling fury of chaos.

Now you must head out to Wai Jhou and seek out Sarkin Killcrane at 61.9s 51.5w. Hand him your amulet to be welcomed into the Knights of the Golden Flame.

You allow Sarkin Killcrane to examine your Amulet of Dark Rage.

Sarkin Killcrane tells you, "Good job, you've rooted out Grael's main contingent. The breach you described won't be closed that easily, but you have insured a short respite for the poor folks in Arwic."
Sarkin Killcrane tells you, "May Grael taste the fear of the forces he has brought down upon himself. You have proven yourself worthy of joining the ancient and honorable Knights of the Golden Flame."

You've earned 16,113,218 experience.
Sarkin Killcrane lowers his sword onto each of your shoulders in turn. "I dub thee Name, a Knight of the Golden Flame. Rise Sir Name."
Sarkin Killcrane grants you the title Knight of the Golden Flame.

Congratulations and great job on helping to keep Dereth safer!

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