Perfection is Blind

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Perfection is Blind

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:00 pm

Perfection is Blind

Timer: 29 days
Rewards: % XP, Snownado, and Neydisa Snowglobe
Weapons: Bludgeoning and Fire
Difficulty: Easy
Quest Type: Killtask
Restrictions: None

The poor Blind Snowman is being heckled again! This time by one of his own kind! From Holtburg head to the Holtburg Wildeness Settlement Portal at 40.2n 35.1e then run to the Blind Snowman at 46.7N, 48.9E (access point is about 48.5n 48.25e roughly to get up the slope). Speak to him to hear of his plight!

Blind Snowman says, "I'm not dangerous. See? I'm smiling."
Blind Snowman says, "Who's there? I..I've got an icicle!"
Blind Snowman says, "Have you seen my eyes around?"

Blind Snowman tells you, "I can't believe it! It happened again!"
Blind Snowman tells you, "There I was putting the finishing touches on my masterpiece. An eye so perfect, I would be able to see the individual beauty of a snowflake a mile away."
Blind Snowman tells you, "I heard a crunching and sliding in the snow nearby. I'm pretty sure it was a Snowman since it said..."

The Blind Snowman makes a face and says in a cold nasty voice, "Whatcha got there melt bottom? That looks like a pretty nice eye! You won't mind if I take that will ya? Yoink!"

Blind Snowman tells you, "Then he grabbed my Perfect Eye! You have to get it back for me. I heard him exclaim as he bounced out of hearing that he was going to use it as a third eye so he could see better to hit people with iceballs. The villain!"
Blind Snowman tells you, "Go and find the Three Eyed Snowman and get me back my eye. And teach that no good Three Eye a lesson. Kill him five times and maybe he will learn not to go around stealing other peoples dreams.

Now go out there and hunt down the Three Eyed Snowman and kill him 5 times. Loot A Perfect Snowman Eye as well in your travels. The snowmen appear to spawn around the Lost Wish Mountain Range as well as the Linvak Mountain Range and can be very nasty, especially in insults.

Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I can see through time!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'm gonna freeze you solid meatsicle!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Go jump in the snow!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'm twice the magically animated man you are!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Ice Ice baby!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Stop ruining my day heatbag!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I see you! Now which of you three to attack..."
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Eat snowball, heatbag!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Frozen and Furious!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "Freeze heatbag!"
Three Eyed Snowman tells you, "I'll shoot your eye out!"

~ Boss ~
Name: Three Eyed Snowman
Weak to: Fire/Bludgeoning
Drops: A Perfect Snowman Eye
Cohorts: None
Uses: Cold damage and Bludgeoning damage with cold war spells with vulns/debuffs to match. Also will buff itself randomly (Fire, armour, and melee defense).

You have killed 5 Three Eyed Snowmans! Your task is complete!

Now return to the Blind Snowman and give him back his eye as well as assure him of your quintessential victories over the fiend that stole it.

Blind Snowman tells you, "Excellent, I hope that teaches ol' Three Eye a lesson. Here a little secret I found in the snow the other day."

You've earned 27,564,250 experience.
Blind Snowman gives you Snownado.
You give Blind Snowman A Perfect Snowman Eye.

Blind Snowman tells you, "Hooray! My Perfect Eye! I'll have to clean it and polish it and maybe refacet it again, but at least I have it back."
Blind Snowman tells you, "Thank you, thank you. Here you deserve a reward for all of your help. Let's see... well not see per se... one second."

The Blind Snowman scoops up a pile of snow and casts a spell. The snow coalesces forming ice crystals that shift and rearrange as if alive.

Blind Snowman gives you Neydisa Snowglobe.

Blind Snowman tells you, "I can't be sure it turned out exactly right, but I hope you like it."
Blind Snowman tells you, "May your bottom stay cold and your eyes stay put. Soon I'll be able to see the snow again!"

The Blind Snowman attempts to swallow the Perfect Snowman Eye, but after a lot of coughing just sticks it in his pocket.

If you give him another eye then the following will occur…

You give Blind Snowman A Perfect Snowman Eye.

Blind Snowman tells you, "Hooray! My Perfect Eye!"
Blind Snowman tells you, "Oh wait, you already gave me back my eye. This must be some other poor Snowman's eye. You keep it safe until you find out whose it is."

Blind Snowman gives you A Perfect Snowman Eye.
You must wait 28d 23h 59m 36s before turning this item in again

Both items are house decorations with the globe depicting Neydisa Castle and the other being a tornado made of snow! Enjoy your winter wonderland!

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