Doubts in the Redoubt

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Doubts in the Redoubt

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:43 am

~ Doubts in the Redoubt ~
Timer - 13 days
Reward - Lore and 25% of XP to level
NPC to start - Danira the Dusty (Zaikhal at 13.9N, 0.1E)
Weapons - Fire (Undead slayer, Human Slayer)
Type - Puzzle
Reqs - None (150+ rec.)

Speak to Danira then head to the graveyard and inside the crypt at 65.6S, 43.9W is an Ancient Chest. Open it and pick up Rytheranís Master Seal. With the seal in-hand you must now head to the Master's Sentinel statue at 74.7N, 18.4E. To get there simply run there from Neydisa Castle. Hand the seal to the statue to be flagged for entrance into the sanctum (If you die you can simply use the statue to get back inside the dungeon).

From the drop youíll follow the path which is fairly straight forward until you reach a large open room. To the East is a locked door and to the North and South are pathways. Head North first and youíll hit another locked door which can be opened with a key that the Nearby Majordomo of the North Cloister carries. Continue past the door and youíll see human Blood Priestesses., continue on and at the end room will be the North Cloister Key Half on the floor.

With the key in tow head back to the room with the locked door in the Eastern alcove. This time, though, you will take the Southern passageway where youíll find another Majordomo holding a key to the door heís guarding. Now youíll confront numerous Celestial Illuminators that are guarding the South Cloister Key Half which you will find on the floor in the final room.

Combine both key halves to fashion the Key to the Lordís Sanctum. Use it to unlock the door back in the Eastern alcove of that large room. Jump over the acid pit behind the door and follow the path down to the final large room with a Masterís Lecturn which will harm you if you use it. Your objective lies on the floor on the North side of the room. Pick up Rytheranís Untranslated Journal and bring it to Danira for some xp and the translated journal for your reading pleasure.

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