Deadmen do tell Tales

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Deadmen do tell Tales

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:41 am

~ Deadmen do tell Tales ~
Timer - 13 days
Reward - XP, Honorary Burun Scout title
NPC to start - Kaurik in Kor-Gursha
Weapons - Fire, Undead Slayer, Ghost Slayer, Cold and Burun Slayer to get to the dungeon.
Type - Task
Reqs - None (Recommend 150+)

The Falatacot on Auberean are seeking council from their Matriarchs on Bur as to whether or not to follow The Blighted Dreamer in lieu of their other Old Gods. They have sent a ghostly messenger to Bur that eludes even the nimblest trackers of the Burun Ruuk. After speaking with Kaurik to receive your task and Tmauruk to receive a flagging you’ll need, head to the Southern Catacombs (Left tunnel to the East of the Ruuk warparty, stick to the Right to reach the portal) and take the Right tunnel from the drop and Stick left through to a large open cavern then into another tunnel; from there stick to the Right into another large open cavern and you’ll reach a Rock that you will now be flagged to use to access the Upper Falatacot Catacombs.

Head on through until you reach a T intersection, This level is simply a perimeter of hallways; head to the Northwest corner and, facing the North wall), go to the fourth from last door and use the statue within to teleport into another set of catacombs where you’ll speak with Tikreek to learn that you must chase the Ghostly Messenger through the three levels of this section to a Summoning Chamber at the top where, being trapped, the messenger will have to fight.

These Catacombs have a lower, middle, and upper section topping off with the summoning chamber. The Ghostly Messenger is an NPC that will randomly spawn six times on the lower and middle levels, you must speak to it to trigger its next spawn locations. The final two times will be on the upper level then it will become an attackable monster in the Summoning Chamber and you will then dispatch it and loot its message.

Note: the hallways are lined with multiple traps with the top level being the harshest.

Return the message to Kaurik for your title and xp reward for casting the ranks of the Falatacot into disarray.

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