Keep our Ley-Lines Clean

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Keep our Ley-Lines Clean

Post by Taomagicdragon on Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:54 pm

~ Keep our Ley-Lines Clean ~
Timer - 14 days
Reward - XP
NPC to start - Various Node Golems
Weapons - Various
Type - Killtask
Reqs - None

This task is fairly easy, you must collect 10 of the Blighted Mana Crystals and return them to any of the following Node Golems keeping watch over the Node Pyramids at the following locations (coords, nearest town, and name of the blighted creatures below):

A’mun Desert - Xarabydun - 38.2s 12.0e - Blighted Sotiris Hollow Minion
Linvak Mountains - Linvak Tukal - 64.8s 59.3e - Blighted Dire Ursuin
Mount Esper - Neydisa Castle - 62.0n 18.0e - Blighted Oak Golem
Halaetan Islands - Silyun - 93.8n 67.4w - Blighted Hoary Armoredillo
Aerlinthe Isle - Aerlinthe - 84.1n 44.1e - Blighted Pyreal Golem
Obsidian Plains - Obsidian Plains - 68.0s 62.2w - Blighted Bane Grievver

Laedron the Geomancer in Ayan Baqur (59.9s 88.0w) can provide you with a book that lists the names and coordinates of the Node Pyramids as well as the creatures you’ll need to hunt.

The Blighted creatures have a 5% drop rate on the Blighted Mana Crystals so you may be at it for awhile. Once you have 10, simply turn them in doe your reward for keeping the Ley-Lines pure.

Note: Any crystals can be turned in at any node, so you could gather 60 at one place and turn them in at each Nodee Golem. Also this quest is only activated when a Node has been “purified” (Only needs to be done once per node per server) b handing in 1000 Blighted Mana Crystals to each Node Pyramid (This was dropped down to 500 per Node).

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