Blotting out the Blight

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Blotting out the Blight

Post by Taomagicdragon on Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:25 am

~ Blotting out the Blight ~
Timer - 6 days
Reward - XP
NPC to start - Various
Weapons - Slashing
Type - Task
Reqs - None (Various Recommended levels)

The Blighted Dreamer’s vanguard of Tainted Moarsmen have begun to gather at ancient Falatacot temples long submerged under the water. Below are listed the locations (Nearest towns), level recommendations, Moarsman species, and NPC’s for these fortresses.

15+ - Redspire (40.7n 86.4w) - Guard Liaza (40.8n 83.0w) - Tainted Pallid Moarsman
30+ - Tou-tou (28.9s 92.6e) - Guard Taizo (28.0s 95.5e) - Tainted Rank Moarsman
50+ - Danby’s Outpost (22.5n 30.4w) - Marcus Danby (23.4n 28.8w) - Tainted Disgusting Moarsman
70+ - Beach Fort* (75.1n 49.6w) - Guard Al’Zira (75.9n 49.1w) - Tainted Putrid Moarsman
80+ - Ayan Baqur (60.9s 89.8w) - Guard Bey (59.8s 88.2w) - Tainted Desolation Moarsman
130+ - Eastwatch (92.7n 42.5w) - Francisco the Hunter (90.7n 43.0w) - Tainted Grimy Moarsman

* Beach Fort can be reached by taking the Lady Maila Estates settlement portal out of Mayoi at 60.8s 80.3e

You will have to clear the inside and outside courtyard of all the spawns in order to spawn a Coral Encrusted Chest at the top of the stairs in a small alcove inside the temple. Grab a Tainted Egg of various size from the chest and return it to the NPC in charge of the fort you’ve stormed to receive your xp and help stem the high tide of moarsmen.

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